Versailles Fine Jewelers

San Diego


San Diego, US
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Worst service ever experienced in the US - would never go there again. We ended up buying our wedding bands here and this is where the trouble began. They offered us to engrave our names and wedding date inside the ring and regretfully we had to pay for this service in advance. First time in the store the lady promised us engraving would be a font type looking like handwritten but was unable to show us an example. Promising to call us in 2-3 days when the rings should be ready for pick-up nothing happened. After 5 days we got nervous and tried to call the store various times during regular hours but nobody would answer the phone nor do they have a mailbox. The second phone number provided on the receipt was disconnected. After waiting a whole week we went back to the store and were shocked what they had done to our wedding bands: A bold font resembling arial with all letters in caps and although we wanted a brushed finish the rings were polished shiny. We immediately complained and the person who was in the store apologized for her colleague that had obviously “forgotten” to show us the printout with all possible font types in the first place. The printout looked extremely unprofessional being a photocopy of a photocopy of a copy... However, we now “officially” chose the handwriting font and wrote down again how exactly we wanted the engraved rings to look like. Also mentioning that we wanted the date written as “05.05.2012” and definitely not “05-05-2012”. They promised to fix our rings and told us once more they would be ready in 2-3 days and they promised to call. No call again and nobody answering the phone. We returned to the store after a full week but our rings were still not ready. We finally got a call 2 days later and I went once again all the way to fashion valley to pick-up the rings. Once again I was shocked: Now they had a typo in my ring whereas both names were spelled correctly in my fiancés ring. Still the dates had the wrong style. However, brushed finished looked nice and the font type as well. They once again promised to fix the typo. I went to pick-up my ring today (visit #5 - unbelievable) and the engraved part looks just so bad. They just removed a few letters to correct the typo (additional letter in his name) and this resulted in a gigantic distance between his name and the “&” symbol in my ring. Now the distance between his name and the “&” symbol is 3x as large as the distance to my name after the “&”. Complaining about this awful looking result the store manager told me that the machine could never engrave it any different. This was obviously a lie as it the distance is OK in my fiancés ring. After complaining to the store manager also mentioning the wrong style of the date once again, I turned around and marched out of the store. We will get the engraving renewed at a more professional and reliable place. Really sad about the money that we wasted here. I will never ever go in this store again. If you end up buying your wedding band here, consider a different place to get the engraving done.
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2+ years ago
I hardly have any complaints about my wedding, everything was almost perfect, except for my wedding rings!!! This store was almost a joke that trapped me with no escape. Due to the unique design of my engagement ring I decided to buy two thin diamond bands as wedding ring, and this store seem to have just what I was looking for. On our first visit (about three months before the wedding) they only had one band so we ordered and paid for the second one which was promised in about 4 weeks. Time went by and I didn’t hear back from them so I decided to call, at that time no one appeared to remember anything about my rings until finally they realized the first order was wrong and it’ll had to be placed again. They called me two weeks later to tell me that my rings were ready and when I went to get them I noticed the two bands were different and had to bring them back to the store. The following six week I called and personally visited the store about ten times to check on my rings and nothing. After much back and forth and frustration with all store employees and the manger, the day before the wedding at 7pm one of the store employees called to offer to bring the rings to my home. When they dropped off the ring there was only one band after all I’ve been waiting for were TWO matching bands. Even though the manager was always polite, he did not allow me to just return them and get my money back. I finally got my second band after my honeymoon. What a terrible experience. I will never buy or send anyone to buy anything from that place ever again.
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