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Dreaming of an Outer Banks beach wedding? We offer many homes to make those dreams come true. Large oceanfront estates in Nags Head or Kill Devil Hills; Currituck Club retreats and... Read more
Dreaming of an Outer Banks beach wedding? We offer many homes to make those dreams come true. Large oceanfront estates in Nags Head or Kill Devil Hills; Currituck Club retreats and Corolla Light vacation homes on the northern beaches.

Choose from a 3 bedroom home on the soundside of the island for an intimate reception to a 10 bedroom oceanfront in Nags Head. Whatever your budget or preference: soundfront, fairway, beach road or oceanfront ... we will help you find the perfect home for your Outer Banks wedding or honeymoon.

Please call our office to book a Special Event home, as there are special policies and fees in effect. 800.548.9688

Tips To Keep In Mind

We have seen a rise in the desire for beach weddings along the Outer Banks and as a result, an increase in the number of rental homes in the area that will accommodate larger private events, offering room for up to 75 guests.

These large and luxurious homes typically require a security deposit and are being requested for reception sites more frequently, as they create a warm and personal environment for everyone celebrating this special day with you.

The Outer Banks wedding season is from May-October, the weather is nice but it is during prime season and the rates are higher and it is hard to find availability. If you get married in the less popular months, from November to March, you will have more dates available, more options for service providers, less expensive accommodations and fewer crowds. Also consider having your wedding and/or reception on a weekday when more caterers, DJs and event locations will be available.

Most Village Realty homes run Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. We recommend that you consider getting married mid-week, to better prepare for the big event. Your family could stick around and relax after the wedding or you could send everyone home and spend a short honeymoon in the home. We do have some homes that rent Friday to Friday and in the off seasons some owners may allow you to rent a home from Wednesday to Wednesday, Monday to Monday, etc. Please call for information. 800.548.9688

The number one problem that you will find in planning a beach wedding is parking. We recommend getting married near a public beach access that has plenty of parking or rent a house that is near a beach access with plenty of parking. Some brides make off-site parking arrangements and then shuttle guest to the site in buses. Please remember homes have a certain number of parking spaces. You are not allowed to park in the yard or along the road side. Read less
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We rented a private vacation rental to hold our wedding event. The staff at Village Realty were easy to work with and very responsive the week of our wedding. When we had any technical difficulty or issue to be addressed, they were prompt in taking care of it.

Our biggest complaint was that the home was not as clean as we would have expected. The cleaning crew obviously did a rush job or half-hearted job because there was trash in the pool and cigarette butts inside the home on the stairwell (and it's supposed to be a non-smoking home)... and windows and floors were not very clean at all (on the INSIDE). Overall, the experience was great for our wedding. We chose the perfect house and the management at Village Realty worked with us on our complaints and were very accommodating.
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Village Realty was amazing to work with! We originally put down a deposit on a house with Seaside Vacations and when the contracts came out in the fall/winter, the owner of the home had decided to go with a different realty company and decided to change the rental from a Sat-Sat to a Sun-Sun rental. Well, my wedding was planned for a Monday (5/20) so we had to scramble to find a house.

We went with Village Realty and a house called "Summer Winds" This house was also featured in the self-guided tour part of the wedding expo. This house was AMAZING! We had originally planned to have the ceremony and reception at this house but we realized there would not be enough deck room for our vision of how we wanted our wedding reception to be (backyard, bbq type of feel). We realized this closer to the wedding.. around April, I'd say. Luckily, we had 2 other houses (with a diff realty company) booked for family/friends, so we told Village we would only be having the ceremony on the beach at Summer Winds and then our reception at a different house a block away. So in effect, we asked for our event fee back. At first, they weren't going to, but after talking it over, they agreed! It has to do with the septic issue of people using the bathroom, but our wedding was only 50 people and most people just went to the ceremony and then headed right out to the reception.

I was SO grateful Village Realty did this and saved us from paying 2 event fees! If it came down to it, we could've had them talk to the other realty company to verify we were indeed having the reception at the other house, but we didn't have to.

Summer Winds was a GREAT house. We had close family and friends stay here. It was roomy enough for everyone to spread out. I have such happy, amazing memories of this house. Would love to go back, but it is not pet-friendly and we now have a puppy. Would love to celebrate our 1st anniversary here or something! Anyway, highly recommend Village Realty!!
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This was my first time working with Village Realty and I will be a loyal customer for future vacations. Their staff went above and beyond to answer questions, take measurements for my wedding decorations, help me get in touch with other vendors who weren't responding, store boxes for us in advance, let us park cars in their parking lot.... I just really can't say enough great things about how flexible, helpful, and personable they were as a group (we used the Corolla, NC office). Our house was in great shape, and while we didn't have to make any maintenance calls, I'm confident they would have responded in the same helpful way they did through the entire process.
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We used Village Realty for our event beach house we used for the wedding/ reception. It was beautiful and had the perfect space for our small intimate wedding! THey were great to work with!
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We rented an 8 bdrm home in Nags Head. It was not an event home but it was beautiful and we enjoyed it so much!
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Five weeks before our wedding, Village Realty called us to tell us that the house we had rented (with contract and deposit) was no longer available to us. The good news, according to them, was that they had found us another house. Only the house was not designed for weddings - imagine palm trees painted on the walls, etc. In a frenzy, I drove down to OBX to find a new house and so began my interaction with Kara Beatty. Village Realty continued to offer us houses: one was completely under contruction and there was no way that the house would be ready, while another was a reverse layout so guests would be walking in to where I would be getting ready - again, not designed for a wedding. At one point, Kara said to me, and I quote, "if you don't take [the reverse layout] house, then I can't help you." At that point, my fiance began calling Kara. He explained to her about how much this whole problem was costing us. Kara said she was never aware of the fact that I was coming to OBX (lie 1: I had called her on my way out the door) and she said if she had known she would have put me up in a Village house for free. She also explained that they had told us of the situation with our original house (DE08) as soon as they found out (lie 2: Village had learned of a potential problem three months earlier) and that cancelling guest reservations was not common for Village (lie 3: I found out that Village Realty is known for cancelling reservations, including previous weddings!). It finally got resolved after my fiance sent a very angry email to the President of the company explaining everything that happened to us. Village, in the end, paid for the difference in rental houses - one that we had found with another company.
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PO Box 1807, 5301 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC 27959 See On Map
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