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We are proud to introduce the “Model 12” photo booth. The “Model 12” has been branded by the American Photo Booth Association, as the best on the market. Our photo booths offer a unique... Read more
We are proud to introduce the “Model 12” photo booth. The “Model 12” has been branded by the American Photo Booth Association, as the best on the market. Our photo booths offer a unique and memorable aspect to your special party or event. Read less
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Virginia Photo Booths and More left much to be desired. We purchased a groupon for a photo booth. After I purchased it, I attempted to get in contact with the company through email (7/9/12) and didn’t receive a contract until 8/25/12 after I had to email and call. I spoke with Mike Massino (company owner). Several times, I had to call him to readjust the contract because thing we had spoken of were not in it. What is the point of speaking with the owner on the phone if he wasn't going to properly enter it into the contract? I felt like I was being hussled.
A few days before the wedding, I receive an email asking me for the event information. The same information I sent him in one of our original emails. Why do I need to send that information twice? I asked and was told "This email saves in a location that my assistant and employees have access to. It would be appreciated if you could fill it out. Just a way of making sure no mistakes are made. Thanks" This makes no sense. Why wouldn't his employees have access to the contract with all the information?
Then on my wedding day I was expecting a photoBOOTH, I received a photo pod. It wasn't a booth at all; all I received was the box part that contained the camera and printer. Where was the "booth" part? I had spoken with my venue coordinator, there was plenty of room for a booth. Everyone enjoyed the booth at the wedding, even though the email capability didn’t always work but not big deal because I would receive a cd with all the photos.
WRONG. I paid an extra $25 for the cd. It took two weeks to receive the cd even though I was told I would receive it a week later. It didn’t even have all the photos on it. I know this because many of my friends and family posted their fb pages were not on the cd. WHAT EXACTLY DID I PAY FOR?
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The staff member arrived and was set up by the time the guest arrived. At the time of the event many guest were over by the photobooth and seemed to be enjoying it. Then the staff gave my family our album, which had about 10 pictures in it, and one guest signature. This was our one form of guestbook, and she had stood nicely in the corner not speaking to any guests. When we arrived back from our honeymoon, I immediately emailed the company. After no response in 4 days, I called. Initially Mike was very appologetic and expressed a desire to make this right. If this had been the case, I likely would not have even written this review. We were also to get a CD of the images, which he stated he would mail that day. After several weeks, and no response, I once again emailed. The respone I received was rude and unprofessional. It stated that the staff at our event (1 girl) said that noone wanted to use the book or sign. Well my parents (who were announced and obvious in the event) went through twice and she never spoke to them, also many guests (15+) told me she never spoke. So their response was they believed her and it was basically tough luck for us. I called at this time, and once again offered to show our album. After a long conversation, Mike agreed to again mail the CD and print the pictures. I did ask for some monetary refund as their end of the deal was not met. He said he would think and call me back that afternoon. He did not. I called again the next day and he stated he would give me half of what I asked for back ($100). He atleast was good for his word on this. 2 days ago, I recieved a check, the pictures, and a CD. Now I have to say the CD had just our names written in poor handwriting on the disc. Not what you would expect when this was part of what we payed for, but atleast we have them.
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Virginia Photo Booths and More LLC responded with the following comments:

It is always upsetting to me to hear that someone was disappointed with our services. Our goal is to make sure every client has a great experience from start to finish. I have tried to make this situation right by reprinting all of the pictures from this event and refunding $100. However I would like to take this opportunity to learn a few lessons so that this does not happen again in the future.

First, the photo booth was placed in an unlit area under the stairs in the VMFA’s Marble Hall, which even the client admitted was not the best location. I have done a number of events at the VMFA over the years and have never had such a problem before. I was concerned with the placement of the booth from the start, but it is not my place, nor my responsibility to rearrange anyone’s wedding reception. I always advise that the booth be set up in a well-lit and heavily trafficked area, because I know that the closer the booth is to the center of activity at a party, the more you and your guests will enjoy it.

Second, the nearly two-hour, sit-down dinner started at the same time as our four-hour booth rental, essentially cutting the time that people were coming up to the booth in half. For anyone planning on renting a booth and having a sit-down dinner, I would recommend pushing the booth rental to the later half of the party. Instead of renting the booth from 6pm to 10pm, rent it from 7pm to 11pm. This way, you are getting more picture-taking time out of your rental. Also, if your booth rental ends at the same time as the party, you avoid having guests that planned on visiting the booth later in the night, who then discover that they waited too long. If you cannot avoid having the dinner during your four-hour rental, I would only ask that you be understanding and recognize that it would be rude and uncouth for our attendant to interrupt your guests’ meals to have them come take pictures.

As for the particular attendant at this event, I have worked with her several times before and have seen her go above and beyond, taking great pride in the scrapbooks she has made. At this event she had the DJ make an announcement to try and get more people into the booth (something I would recommend for EVERY photo booth rental). She informed me that the guests kept saying they would come back and leave pictures but then they never did. All the attendant can do is inform and encourage the guests to leave pictures and sign a message, but they cannot force them to do so.

Third, I do apologize for the delayed response and the miscommunication between Ashley and myself. It is no excuse, but December is a very busy month for photo booth rentals, during which my wife, two children, and myself all came down with the flu. VA Photo Booths and More is a small business that receives a huge number of emails every day. I would always recommend calling in order to get in touch with me quickly instead of risking having your email get lost in the deluge. I tried to resolve this issue fairly and in a timely manner, and I do not believe that I was ever rude or unprofessional. I hope this response has been helpful for anyone looking to rent a photo booth in the future.
I found this vendor through Groupon and was hesitant but still excited about working with them. We went back and forth for months because they would send me an email saying I didn't pay so I would send the Groupon code. A response wouldn't come and then a few months later I'd get another email for payment. The week of the wedding, I sent the info and images for the photo strip design and was supposed to receive a proof. I didn't. I had no idea what they would look like until one printed at the reception. They were on time which I appreciated but the attendant was very anti-social and could care less to be there. The booth ended up breaking down half way through our reception and the attendant told the bridesmaids she didn't know what happened and to call the office on Monday. That was it. When my new groom and I went out to take pictures, it was shut down and I had to find out for myself what happened. I called them on Monday and they said the power tripped but yet every other outlet still worked? I also said I never received the scrapbook that I paid for and the response was "Oh yes, it was in the photobooth, the attendant just forgot to give it to you." I told him I wanted money back because we didn't receive the full service that I paid for and Michael said he would send $100 and a cd of the pictures. ($200 is what should have been sent because I paid $400 for 4 hours and it broke two hours in. I received half of the service, he should receive half of the payment.) Today we got a package in the mail. It was a cd and $50, not a single letter or apology in the package. I would NEVER recommend this company for someone's wedding, they were completely unprofessional when it came to handling an issue that was their responsibility. I will also make sure that Groupon never offers their services again and that I put a post on every, single wedding/entertainment website.
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Virginia Photo Booths and More LLC responded with the following comments:

What happened at this event was unfortunate, and after a recent conversation with the groom I thought the matter had been settled and that he agreed that VA Photo Booths and More could not be held responsible for the booth shutting down.

The night of the event, my employee called me and she notified me that the booth had turned off and she could not get it to come back on. She was very upset and felt extremely uncomfortable because she knew that this was something that the bride and groom really wanted at their wedding. I tried walking her through some trouble shooting techniques but nothing seemed to work. I even asked her to approach someone at the venue to assist her in trying to see if there was another power source that we could try but they were of no help. When I got the venue, I brought a utility lamp with me. I tested the outlet where the booth was set up as well as an outlet on the adjacent wall. The lamp did not work on either outlet. I brought the lamp inside and tested it once again and it worked. It was obvious that the booth was not the problem. I talked to the manager of the venue and showed him in person that he had a blown circuit.

In closing I would like to post the portion of the contract, which was signed by the client, that addresses this issue.

Purchaser shall provide Virginia Photo Booths and More, LLC. with safe and appropriate working conditions. This includes a 6' x 3' area for the Photo Booth and room for a 6' folding table and chairs for the scrapbook table. Virginia Photo Booths and More, LLC. requires a minimum of one 15-20-amp circuit outlet from a reliable power source within 50 feet (along the wall) of the set-up area. This circuit must be free of all other connected loads. Any delay in the service or damage to Virginia Photo Booths and More, LLC.s’ equipment due to improper power is the responsibility of the purchaser. Two circuits are preferred, where possible.
After much looking around, we chose to use Virginia Photo Booths for my daughters wedding. Mike was so helpful and very willing to please in every way. The photobooth was one of the most popular things at the wedding and was such fun for all of the guests, young and old. But the best part was my daughter and son-in-law have a picture record of all the guests at the wedding along with their good wishes! It was worth every penny, and I would definitely choose Virginia Photobooth for an event again.
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I was wanting to rent a photo-booth for my wedding, and I spent a lot of time looking into the different vendors available in Northern Virginia. Since I'd only moved here in the past year, I didn't know anyone that could refer me from personal experience, so I did a lot of research on the internet.
When I contacted VA Photo-Booths and More, the owner, Mike, was really helpful and he spent a lot of time with me explaining the difference between his product and everyone else's. I saw a lot of booths that use PVC Pipe and curtains, but VA Photo-Booths is an actual photo-booth like you would find at a mall. It's so cute, and it added a fun ambiance to my reception! The quality of the pictures is so great, and you can choose from black and white or color photos. We also had a custom design with our names and the date of our wedding down the middle. I think you can also pick the color of the curtain you want in the background, which was awesome, since we coordinated it with our wedding colors.
Our guests LOVED the photo-booth, and it was busy all night! The guest book they made was really special, and I'm so glad that I will always have these pictures to remember my special day. My single friends all told me they are stealing my idea and renting the same one when they get married. :)
There are a few companies to choose from when you are looking into rentals, but the quality of VA Photo-Booths is incomparable to the competition. A photo-booth isn't exactly a necessity when it comes to planning a wedding, but I am so glad that I squeezed it into my budget, because it was even more popular than the dance floor! I will definitely be renting a photo-booth from VA Photo-Booths again in the future, whenever my new hubby and I start having kid's birthday parties to plan!
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