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The Midwest’s own ”Napa Valley”. Willow Harbor Vineyards & Polo Club is nestled in Southwest
Michigan’s Harbor Country. Set on 40 acres of spectacular grape vines, pristine horse... Read more
The Midwest’s own ”Napa Valley”. Willow Harbor Vineyards & Polo Club is nestled in Southwest
Michigan’s Harbor Country. Set on 40 acres of spectacular grape vines, pristine horse pastures,
and magnificent water features, Willow Harbor is the ideal setting for your outdoor celebrations
or choose to hold your event in our romantic historic Polo barn.

Located in Three Oaks, MI just 75 miles from Chicago and minutes from New Buffalo and the
shores of Lake Michigan.

Unforgettable Weddings

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to schedule a site visit, please contact:

In Michigan’s Harbor Country there is a 100 year old, 40 acre Vineyard which has been transformed
into a European style venue for Michigan vineyard weddings and other events that require an upscale
feeling. If you’re looking for the perfect Southwest Michigan Vineyard for your outdoor event, Willow Harbor Vineyards & Polo Club has a spectacular setting in Southwest Michigan. Just 20 minutes from
the Shores of Lake Michigan. Read less
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Kyle & Amanda
Kristy at Willow Harbor provided an absolutely beautiful backdrop for us to conduct our wedding ceremony. She was very responsive whenever we had questions (and we had a ton!) and was very informative about the steps we needed to take. Everything leading up to the day of the wedding, she was great.

There were 2 cons:
-We did not taste the exact food during our food tasting that we were going to receive on the day of the wedding which led to much hesitation about what to order. Her explanation was that tastings are such a smaller group to prepare for, that she chose to use a different vendor. We did not think this was a wise move. Luckily, the food turned out great and we had multiple compliments on it.
-She was not the greatest person to work with on the day of the wedding. She was very pushy and when our relatives were trying to decorate in the morning, she was not very nice about her approach to them and their attempts to lay the tablecloths out. She also told her staff to cut into our wedding cake prior to us actually conducting the cake cutting ceremony and her explanation for that was that "we were running too far behind and our guests need dessert". Luckily, our family was able to reconstruct the cake enough for our photographer to get some decent shots of us cutting it. We didn't care so much at that point because of how awesome the day was already.

All in all, it was a great venue and the food was great. You couldn't get a more beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding and the coordination of the staff on the day of the event was nearly flawless. We highly recommend.
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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Willow Harbor Vineyards! From the first visit we had to Willow Harbor, we were blown away by the whole feel of the place - the ceremony site, the refurbished barn, the biscayo outdoor patio, the spacious tent, the beautiful bridal cottage, and the open, spacious grounds - we knew this was where we wanted to get married. From the very early stages of planning, all the way though the final busy weeks, Kristie was nothing but helpful. She corresponded with me through email and was always prompt and detailed when answering all my questions. I never had to wait more than 24 hours for a reply, which cannot be said for all vendors. She is very easy to work with! Her staff was helpful and kind the day of the wedding and my husband and I received so many compliments from our family and friends about how amazing the venue was. We couldn't have asked for a better place to be married! I absolutely recommend Willow Harbor to any bride and groom who are looking for a rustic, outdoor vineyard wedding. It was absolutely perfect!
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My husband a I married at Willow Harbor Vineyards Labor Day weekend, Sunday, Sept 1st. We are without argument that on our wedding day (and the entire process leading up to the main event) we had a 5-star experience.

I went shopping for venues in December (not an easy job in the bleakness of Michigan winters) - while imaging how beautiful the vineyard would be in the summer was challenging covered in snow, I also saw ENDLESS possibilities for a very individualized experience at WHV. I was encouraged to utilize my own creativity and make the overall "look and feel" of our wedding day our own. And I did!

Kristie was helpful and prompt down to the very last minute, navigating every detail. In fact, she was so surprisingly attentive that I often found myself marveling when I remembered that I was only ONE of MANY brides that she must be receiving the same emails from.

On the day of, the grounds were beautiful. The tent (which I had some skepticism over) was gorgeous, the chandeliers were stunning, there was plenty of space for people to feel comfortable navigating between tables (and to the bar). We elected for table service, which was prompt and attentive. The mango salsa salmon and the cranberry chicken were delicious, the portions just right. The bartenders were quick and friendly. And the wine was flowing! Altogether it was a beautiful day.

Now, the bride and the groom are always well taken care of... the real vote of confidence comes from the reaction and response of the guests. Which, being that we are realists, we expected the usual list of complaints and feedback... but were pleasantly shocked when we were only THANKED and CONGRATULATED for having "the most beautiful wedding they had been to all year." My parents are still receiving praise and letters of appreciation.

We are so grateful for the many happy memories we were able to create at Willow Harbor on our big day!

Heather & Paul
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After meeting Kristie on our first tour, we knew it was the right choice...Kristie (co-owner with her husband, Kevin) had been amazingly sweet, honest, and helpful. Not to mention, we were in love with the quaint beauty of the vines and the grounds.

Looking back, Kristie and I emailed each other over 100 times...literally. Never once did she make me feel like I was being annoying or overboard. She was super timely and genuinely kind about every single thing I asked.

Kristie and I talked on the phone the night before to go over every last detail. She was so good about knowing all of the things I had no idea what to do about (timing of things, flow issues, etc.). She consistently made me feel so reassured that everything would be what we needed and wanted.

On the actual day of, Kristie and Kevin and their amazing staff worked tirelessly to make every detail exactly to our liking. The grounds looked beautiful. The ceremony played out without a flaw. The DJ had everything he needed and wanted. The weather was perfect -which isn’t anything any of us had control over - but it sure did helped.

We did a reception line after the ceremony, and almost every single person commented about how absolutely gorgeous the setting was and how it was unlike anything they’d ever seen. I had so many people say it was the most beautiful wedding they’d ever been to - and while I think that sometimes people say things like this regardless of setting - I don’t think people were making this up. A lot of people were blown away by the Rolls Royce entrance, too ;)

The cocktail hour and reception went just as well. Everything was everything we ever hoped for. I would highly recommend Willow Harbor to anyone. You won't be disappointed.
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Kristie and Willow Harbor itself were fantastic for our wedding ceremony and reception back in July 2013. She was responsive, helpful, and went way beyond your typical "venue host". Besides the incredibly beautiful grounds, one of the biggest selling points was Kristie's involvement throughout the process and I can't understate how valuable that is while wedding planning. We're still receiving compliments on our wedding and it was two months ago!
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I stumbled across Willow Harbor while looking for outdoor venues in Southwestern Michigan that could hold up to 300 guests. My family and I have vacationed in Southwestern Michigan since I was a child and I have so many wonderful memories from this area. My husband proposed in this area as well, and it was so special to us to share this with our guests on our wedding day.

My husband I were married at Willow Harbor on June 29, 2013 and we had an amazing experience. From start to finish, Kristie was responsive, organized and always ontop of things. We were planning our wedding from afar (first Alaska, then Denver), and w always felt we were in good hands. We were never told that there was anything we couldn't do, everyone was so easy to work with leading up to and on the day of our wedding. We got (and continue to get a month later) so many compliments on how beautiful the venue and scenery was. When we had our wedding coordinator fall through, Kristie stepped up and offered to help us with some of the additional tasks. Overall the food was great, we had a s'mores bar outside the tent and we had a Coldstone sundae bar inside tent, and both were accommodated. I only have positive things to say about our wedding day, Willow Harbor or Kristie. I would recommend this venue and Kristie to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, peaceful space to say their vows and a fun and amazing space to celebrate afterwards!
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1+ year ago
My husband and I cannot thank enough Kristie for all her help on our wedding celebration. We had so much fun and everything went great! Our guests absolutely loved the venue!!
The grounds were very clean, they were super flexible to accommodate us, Kristie always responded to my emails and requests in a timely manner, the food was very good, the staff was very friendly.
If you want a venue that is "different" this is definately the place to go!
I couldn't have asked for anything better!
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2+ years ago
I cannot say enough great things about Kristie and Kevin. They were extremely responsive to all our questions and had the cutest ideas on how we can make our extra details even more memorable. The grounds are wonderful for photos and everyone just loved the setting. I was soo happy with everything and we even got to dance a little longer than we planned which was a great way to end the night.
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Where do I begin? Our experience with Kevin and Kristie (owners) was phenomenal! From start to finish, it was the most perfect venue we could have ever imagined. It was a dream come true. We had our ceremony at Willow Harbor Vineyards, and our reception at Dewey Cannon Winery (see separate review).
We had a small wedding (50 guests), and it was a 'destination wedding' for all of us. We chose the site WITHOUT EVER STEPPING FOOT IN IT because of the vintage feel, responsive communication from Kevin and the great pricing compared to similar venues. We wanted nothing more than a vintage vineyard wedding, and what we got was priceless! Our guests couldn't stop complimenting our choice, the site. Our price included having the chairs and gazebo set up for us, which really helped since we couldn't afford an actual 'wedding planner'. The only thing that would have added to our joy, would have been if the vines were fuller and had grapes on them for our photos (but hey, that's NOT the vineyard's fault, LOL, that's called seasonality!)
We had a lot of last minute cancellations, and Kevin didn't give us any grief over it, which trust me, was a huge relief! The last thing a bride wants is a cancellation, but the second to last thing is having to apologize to venues and vendors for the constant changes. I didn't have any problems!!
The bridal loft above the winery was AMAZING! (Since we booked at the vineyard and the winery, we were allowed to use the loft, which I'm pretty sure is better than the usual bridal cottage at the vineyard). I kept saying "I wish I could live here!!!" It was gorgeous, and had beautiful photo opportunities with brick walls, wooden floors, full living room, bathroom and kitchen! Kevin even let us arrange our own flowers, do our hair, etc... in the loft, so we didn't have to worry about finding an extra space. They also stored our wedding cake for us for 2 days until the ceremony! Oh, and the vintage Rolls Royce was the icing on the cake because the driver took me to the ceremony, no driving required on my part, waited patiently when we were running behind, and even let us get some fun photos before we parted ways!
I have ZERO regrets about using Willow Harbor Vineyards (and Dewey Cannon Winery). If I could give them 10 stars, I would. We had our dream wedding and we owe a good portion of the credit to Kevin and his staff, the beautiful sites, and of course, our wonderful guests. :o)
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I just got married at Willow Harbor Vineyard in Three Oaks, MI. I will start with the positive before I move on to some constructive criticism. First of all, the grounds are beautiful and the vineyards are magical looking. In the evening, there was a mystical mist hovering over the fields that made for great pictures. The food provided was delicious and we received several compliments on it. We had the Chardonnay chicken and it was very moist and the angel hair pasta side dish was really great too. The wait staff was super nice and helpful and got dinner served in a timely manner. Numerous people came up and told me that the bartenders were awesome and everyone had a great time with them. At one point we ran out of scotch (we brought our own alcohol) and Kevin, one of the owners, went out to the store and bought us more! Very awesome of him! Also, there were two weddings there that weekend and so the owners made a really nice sign to direct our guests in the proper direction. Lastly, I had the time of my life; an awesome wedding and everyone had a blast. I knew nothing of the problems that had occurred, which I will attempt to sum up now, until after the wedding. (Thanks to my family and friends.)
There were some areas that one of the owners, Kristie, could improve in. When a group of my friends and family arrived just after 10 am to decorate and set up Kristie was extremely rude to them. Out of courtesy, a few days before the wedding, we asked what time we could come in to set up since there was a wedding there the night before. Kristie said 10 am and upon reviewing our signed contract the time was also 10 am. The place was still a mess from the night before and there was vomit on the bed in the Bride’s Cottage. When my Aunt asked about these things Kristie was very short and defensive and made a comment about them coming too early. My Aunt informed her that it was after 10 am, the time we were promised we could start and Kristie’s response was “Oh, I knew you would hold me to that!” in an angry tone. Kristie then proceeded to tell my Aunt that she was the owner of the property and she could evict her and not let her come on the grounds! A few short hours later, when our guy came to deliver our alcohol, he pulled up in a pick up truck on their provided gravel road and began to unload the alcohol. Kristie came up to him and accused him of causing a divot in the gravel road (which he hadn’t, he had just pulled up) and then proceeds to tell him she could evict him as well! If two threats weren’t enough, just after midnight (about 12:05) the third threat was made to the DJ. Rather that kindly asking the DJ to finish his last song, or even a friendly reminder 10 or 15 minutes before that the music needed to end at midnight, Kristie stormed into the reception and rudely demanded that DJ turn off the music. The DJ asked if he could just finish his song (there was 1:55 left) she said no and forced him to shut it off and then accused the DJ of being drunk (which he wasn’t) and again threatened to kick him off of her property. As one could expect, with a dance floor full of people having a great time and a song abruptly stopping in the middle, the crowd began to boo. After this, Kristie told members of my family that we were “disgusting” and told another aunt of mine “Don’t touch me! Your family is disgusting and I will call the police!” There were other accounts that I heard about, however I feel that this paints a pretty good picture of the professionalism of Kristie, the owner. Of course, our thousands upon thousands of dollars were paid 10 days in advance, including a security deposit, which I am sure I will never see even though we caused no damage. We did borrow one of their coolers to take to our cottage for after the wedding because it was full of our beer, which was returned to the Vineyard the next day. The owners of course were conveniently gone when we came the next day to clean up.
I know this place has great potential. It is gorgeous and a unique place to have a wedding. Thanks to all of my awesome family, friends, vendors, and the wait staff and bartenders my day turned out perfect. I think perhaps that the owners bit off more than they could chew with having three weddings in one weekend. Kristie was obviously stressed out because of this and because they lost power at one point and it poured rain all morning, which I’m sure, made her job difficult. However, for her sake and for the sake of her future customers, I hope she can learn to treat people with more respect and professionalism.
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Overall, our wedding at Willow Harbor was beautiful. In hindsight, there were some aspects we were left unhappy with, and some things that we were so thankful for. No wedding is perfect, the trick is making it look like it comes off perfect, which was the case with our choice of Willow Harbor. If we had it to do over again, we'd have our wedding there all over again, but of course, there's always things that could be improved upon.

The Upside: Kevin and Kristie were absolutely amazing and super accomodating to us and any detail we asked for. They were supportive, fun, enthusiastic, and prompt with responses. With them, it felt like they were planning a wedding for a family member.

The Downside: A few of our details were not followed through with. We did make specific requests - for example, pizza served as a late night snack - and while they were so enthusiastic about our ideas, when the day came, some things were not done. When the pizzas arrived, Kristie just let the pizzas sit in and 7 box-high stack for about 10 minutes (while they rapidly got cold). My groom had to actually go over and clear off a table, lay out and open the pizza boxes, and set out the plates (that we had to supply) himself. Not exactly how he should be spendng his wedding day.

The Upside: There's no disputing the amazing setting....many of our guests gushed at how they felt transported to Napa Valley, which was wonderful to hear. We loved the various settings that our guests migrated to - a walk in the vineyards, sitting by the pond, cooling off in the air-conditioned barn, or relaxing at the new cigar bar.

The Downside: Kristie did assure us over and over that mosquitoes were never an issue, so we left our bug spray at home, but I've never heard more people complain about eating alive, and I felt horrible that they were uncomfortable, especially since we were assured numerous times not to worry about citronella torches or bug spray

The Upside: Kristie was so accomodating on varying the menu. We had very specific menu requests, including some food that we would supply ourselves, and she was soooo cool with that and allowing us to customize our menu to how we wanted. The dishware and table settings were beautiful and classy.

The Downside: This was probably the area that meant the most to us, and that we were the most disappointed with. Many of the tables did not receive food because it had been unequally distributed (family style) and they had run out....so some tables said they only had 5 biscuits for a 10-person table, or there were no vegetables brought out because they had run out. One table was served about an hour after us, so it made the timing of the reception very awkward....because while some people were completely finished eating and already out of the tent walking around, others were waiting for their dinner.
Additionally, I had made a specific request for a special dinner for my aunt with dietary restrictions. Not only did they forget to serve her, but they did 45 minutes later, they did not honor the restrictions. My aunt therefore could not eat at all during the reception had to leave early and hungry because she became ill from the lack of dinner. It was a little embarassing.
Finally, we thought it a little sloppy that Kristie wore an untucked polo shirt during the day.....we know it was hot, but it was also a formal affair.

The Bar:
The Upside: We loved Kevin. He tended bar and took very good care of myself, the groom, and our head table and parents. He was a lot of fun, relaxed, and joked around with our guests. We thought that supplying our own liquor helped us to save a ton of money.

The Downside: We went through the nearby Liquor Locker that Kristie recommended (Charlie is wonderful!) to supply our liquor. When we went the next day to pick up our leftover liquor, he had reported that despite having worked with Kristie before, and always picking up the empty, partial, and unopened bottles at the end of the night to show us what we used, he was missing 19 of our liquor bottles. We're not sure where those 19 bottles went to, but since we paid for them, we felt a little uneasy about how they had disappeared.

Overall, as I said, we would still have held our wedding at Willow Harbor. The location and atmosphere was very upscale and we received numerous compliments. The biggest piece of advice I can offer you is to put everything in your contract. If you want a special dietary meal served, write it in. If you want dinner served within a specific timeframe, write it in. If you don't want a tip jar on the bar because you've already paid 18% gratuity, write it in. Don't let anyone say "oh that'll be fine" because when the day came down to it, they only had to do exactly what was written in the contract.
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We can't say enough good things about Kristie, Kevin, and the beautiful place they have available. They're much more than the owners of the vineyard--they encouraged us, they planned with us, they answered countless emails, and they put our back-up wedding plan into action when the outdoor ceremony became impossible. They are friendly, polite, professional, warm, fantastic people, and the vineyard is stunning even in the worst weather. We highly recommend choosing the vineyard, even if you're on a tight budget like we were. The tent, buildings, and surroundings are so breathtaking, it makes decorating a breeze. We never regretted our choice for a second.
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