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I'm not one to write reviews as I have a very busy/hectic schedule; however, I made it a point to stop everything and write a review about the company Glamgal. This has been by far the most HORRIBLE experience. I ordered a tiara and purse from this company in April. I hadn't read the reviews prior to placing my order as it was the only place I have been able to find after years of searching for the replica of the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara. I ordered it in April, even though my wedding was still months away, as the site states they are often out of stock, so I wanted to make sure I get it in time. A month after ordering, I was told the tiara won't be in until June, June wasn't far off, so I was ok with that and added a purse to my order that I was wanting. June came and went, no tiara. I contacted Ann at Glamgal, she said the supplier she goes through won't have them until August. I waited and emailed Ann August 2nd. I received an email same day stating she received it and would be shipping my tiara and purse Saturday August 3rd, she would send me the tracking number and I should receive it August 5th or 6th. It is currently August 6th and I have not received a tracking number. I have an appointment with my hairstylist to do a trial run with my Tiara setup for tomorrow. I emailed Ann for the tracking number, in which I had to email her twice asking for it before she responded. Her response was "Not to worry. I'm fussing with the purse. New ship date is today. Be back later with shipping info." I am now having to re-schedule my appointment and still without my tiara. Ann fails to realize the importance of shipping things when she says she will. I am beyond furious, she took my money the second I placed my order and 3+ months later, i'm still without the items I ordered. Don't ever purchase anything from this company, the reviews of their atrocious service are 100% true. I won't ever order anything or recommend this company again!!!!
This company is heartless!!!
Services Used: Dress & Attire
This was one of the most HORRIFIC experiences.With over a year away from my wedding date I loved one of the cathedral veils they offered which I needed in a champagne color.It took about 7 months to receive the veil when it arrived it was perfect.By my own fault there was an accident,the veil was destroyed. Immediately I contacted Glamgal paid for another veil and was assured everything would be ok. BIG MISTAKE! September a month away from my wedding and started getting nervous. I contacted Beverly I was assured the veil would be here in time.Now October,still no veil, was told we are shipping this week. A week after I received an email that unfortunately my veil was not in the correct color.With only two weeks to go and you are telling me this now ARE YOU SERIOUS!I was once again assured that this would be fixed and out to me ASAP.A week before my wedding and the veil arrived.Happy and excited soon turned to seeing red.It was the most TACKY veil I had ever seen. Completely filthy and there was this huge mess of beads and applique throw into a pile in a random spot of the veil and holes surrounding the area.I contacted Glamgal on how annoyed I was.She then replied with an arrogant tone (SERIOUSLY you have no idea what you are doing) and explained prior to packaging the veil she had burnt it hence the hideous applique. Instead of sending this atrocity out any real business person would have called or emailed and explained. Now veil less and a week away I was beyond upset. My last fitting was that Wednesday before my wedding luckily I found a more stunning veil then what Glamgal could ever provide.I demanded my money back which I received almost 4 months later. You were quick to take my money but God forbid I get it back within a reasonable amount of time.If I could give you negative stars I would. Glamgal is by far the WORST! I really wish I saw reviews prior to ordering. Do the brides of the world a favor and close shop because you SUCK!
Services Used: Dress & Attire
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