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Handmade Wedding in Nashville, Tennessee
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I love this week’s real wedding of the week because it shows how possible it is to have a gorgeous wedding without spending tons of money. Melissa and Pete threw a gorgeous do-it-yourself wedding in Nashville for less than $4,000.

With the help of  Chelsea and Tec Petaja (Chelsea adding a lot of handmade touches, and Tec expertly capturing it all on film). A budget beautiful wedding can be absolutely spectacular by employing creativity,  handmade touches, and fuse it with great photography.

Thank you so much Melissa and Pete for sharing your big day with us!

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Real Wedding-Sherien + Randy
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Can I just say that I love Angelica Glass and her amazing skills of a photographer.  She has a way of capturing “true expressions” from her subjects, not to mention the vibrant colors that she exhibits…oh the colors!

Sherien and Randy chose a different approach to their wedding.  They opted to have a private, intimate wedding ceremony the day before their reception.  Doing this allowed them to hold a beautiful all day celebration including customs from both the bride’s and the groom’s heritage.  The couple’s inspiration for this unique celebration came from intertwining their two cultures, including choosing bright Arabian colors that would “pop” for the decor as well as combining music styles and cuisines from both The Dominican Republic and Egypt.  This is a gorgeous wedding!  Thank you Sherien and Randy, and Congratulations!

See for yourself how beautiful Brooklyn can be in August…..

Check out Sherien and Randy’s full wedding details in our real weddings gallery.


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Real Wedding- Hanna & Seung
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Today’s real wedding is a romantic yet contemporary affair that took place in September in Santa Monica, CA.

These beautiful photographs were sent to me by the artistic Kristi Klemens of KLK Photography, who was there to capture the events of the day.  The contemporary color scheme of white, teal, and brown was inspired by Hanna’s experience as an interior designer .  The white walls, brown lighting fixtures, and teal floral carpet, along with the beautiful natural backdrop of the teal colored Pacific Ocean at The Sheraton Delfina turned this vision into a reality.    Congratulations to Hanna and Seung!  Below are just a sample of the gorgeous images that Kristi was able to capture on that beautiful September day.

Check out the full editorial on Hanna and Seung’s wedding in our Real Weddings Gallery.


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Artistic Wedding Movies
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So many brides today tend to overlook hiring a great cinematographer for their special day.  This may be for any number of reasons, such as: they don’t want a “cheesy” video, it doesn’t fit into their budget (that’s what happened to me), or it is not as important as photographs.  You may be reading this saying, “Yes, I am one of those brides!”  Well, I am here to change your mind with today’s posting.

I would love to introduce to you Chuck and Jewel Savadelis of Savadelis Films.  The artistic “Movie” style wedding videos by Savadelis Films in the San Francisco Bay Area just may change every bride’s outlook on “The Wedding Video”.   Chuck and Jewel’s beautiful movies are unique and personal, yet display the style of a Hollywood Film.  They spend a lot of time with each bride and groom to find out who they truly are so that they can capture not only a beautiful video, but one that reflects the bride and groom’s personal style.  Below are three samples of their inspirational videos.  These movies would convince any bride and groom that their “Love Story” should be captured on film.  Best of all…..they are willing to travel worldwide.

\”Memoirs of a Wedding\”

“Filmed in the garden where scenes from Memoirs of a Geisha were shot.  The most striking feature of this quiet garden is that something is always blooming.  So, we took artistic license to make the wisteria bloom as the groom approached his bride.”


“This trailer features a sophisticated, elegant crowd that knew how to have fun.  Emphasis was on food, drink, grand architecture and guests enjoying themselves.  The cool jazz piece really captured the mood.”

\”Flight of Fantasy\”

“This wedding featured a cirque du soleil aerialist flying overhead at a wedding in a 30′ dome.”

*The captions and the videos are courtesy of Savadelis Films.

Please check out Savadelis Films‘ vendor page on Project Wedding today!

**As a bonus, Savadelis Films is offering a special seminar for Brides and Grooms who would still rather DIY their wedding movie.  Here are the details:

“We are offering an afternoon seminar for brides and grooms who
want to DIY their Wedding Video.  Would it surprise you to know that
70% of couples do NOT hire a professional videographer?  We feel they
are an underserved population.  If they are going to do it themselves, we want them to do it well.  We’d like to give
couples another option because a tough economy shouldn’t mean they
can’t have a good wedding video.”

“The seminar will be held on Sun, March 22 1 PM – 5 PM at the beautiful
Julia Morgan Ballroom, 465 California Street, 15th Floor, San
Francisco. It will be a fun format in which there will be enactments
of various parts of the wedding day.  Chuck, my husband and partner,
will be filming each segment so that our novice videographers can see for themselves the best angles and techniques to use when filming on the wedding day.  As Chuck is filming I will be offering informative narration of all aspects of what the audience is seeing on the screen in real time.”

Please see the website, and our blog,
for more information.

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