Liz Fields: Fall 2010 Bridesmaids Peek
Posted by Jeannie. Filed under Wedding Dress

What’s new in wedding dress designer Liz Fields’ world? Bold blues, passionate purples and glam greens! You are one of the very first to see a sampling of her Fall 2010 bridesmaids collection. We will be bringing you updates right here beginning Saturday as we attend New York wedding market’s Fall 2010 preview so check back soon!  Here are a few of Fields’ standouts:

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  • the green one is perfect!

  • Mary

    Love the simple elegance!! Would be flattering for many different body types.

  • Great!Like them.

  • Grace

    These are awesome! Love both. Think I just found my BM dresses.

  • the dresses are beautiful,i like them

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    so cheap!!

  • Love the simple elegance!! Would be flattering for many different body types.

  • i like this style// great!

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