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Cookie Envy
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It’s warm, it’s summer and it’s definitely time for mini ice cream sandwich pops.  If I went to a shower or party and these were there … it would be instant happiness and gratitude! Thank you pen n’ paper flowers for creating these lovely treats and telling us how to make them ourselves!


Flower Power
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Flowers can transform a ceremony from drab to fab, alright to alluring … ok, you get my point. I love this new ceremony umbrella idea from Chelsea Fuss!

Chelsea’s tips:

Simply rent a market umbrella (usually around $40) from a local rental company and cover the pole in greenery or flowers. For this look, 50 stems of hydrangeas were used with the greens left on them (for fuller coverage).

You’ll also need: string or wire, clippers, scissors and flower food.

Buy your flowers a day or two ahead of time. Re-cut the stems and then place the flowers in a large, clean bucket full of water with flower food. Keep in a cool, dark place. One hour before the ceremony, add the flowers to the umbrella pole, (or ask a friend or your coordinator to do so!). Group 3-4 stems together and tie or wire them onto the pole.

More helpful hints: Try talking with your local farmer’s market vendors about buying flowers in bulk at a discount rate! If using hydrangeas, pick ones with very firm flowers and petals. Another cheaper option is salal, an inexpensive greenery.


Wedding Genealogies
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Our friends over at Mélangerie NYC have created the coolest twist on wedding seating charts!  Instead of just a simple seating chart, why not tell your guests the story of how everyone at the party knows you?  As designer Elana Dweck puts it, ‘Great for a cocktail hour or a reception, these custom charts fill guests in on who’s a friend from childhood, a neighbor, a family member, and more.’  They have both elegant, formal options and fun, contemporary designs… Either way, I bet these make for the ultimate conversation piece!

They have more fun custom products in their etsy shop!

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It’s all TMI!
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I am learning a very valuable lesson as I plan my wedding. I have shared photos with my friends and family of potential dresses, arrangements, invitations, decor, etc.  and if I had to do it over again … I wouldn’t share ANYTHING!  Mom doesn’t like the short dresses, soon-to-be mother-in-law doesn’t want the groom to wear a light suit, sister doesn’t get the rustic decor, brother is over the cupcake dessert table … the next time anyone asks me anything, I am just going to tell them it’s a big surprise and they’ll just have to wait for the day. My advice to anyone getting ready to wed is to share the least amount of information possible. Plan your event the way you want and tell them NOTHING :)!!!

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