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I am AMAZED at the creativity that our Budget Savvy Brides showed this year! There are TONS of creative ways to save money on a wedding, and you proved it! There were over 100 entries this year and each story was so incredibly helpful for any bride to be, and we had the toughest time narrowing it down to the top 10. Good thing we had our friends and wedding experts to help us out and choose the ten finalists.

Left to right: Cathy from Weddingbee, Emily from Once Wed, Kathryn from Snippet and Ink, Jen from Green Wedding Shoes, and Amanda from Ruffled.

Cathy from Weddingbee chose Caitlin and Rob Get the Wedding WE Want and writes… Caitlin and Rob slashed their budget dramatically by taking advantage of the beautiful area they live in. By incorporating what is fresh and locally available (Maine lobsters in their catering, local wildflowers in their centerpieces) and tapping the talents and resources of their nearest and dearest friends, Caitlin and Rob were willing to pool the resources already available to them, teaching us that if you simply speak with those around you, you’ll be surprised how willing your family and friends are to lend a hand in making your day as special and budget-friendly as possible.

Cathy also loved Go Handmade for a Classy Look on a Small Budget and writes… Betsy went the handmade route to saving on her wedding. By giving her wedding items dual uses (favors doubling as place cards, wish tree doubling as decor) and considering items she already had around the house (lots of people have a cabinet full of old vases from flowers gifts past!), Betsy was able to decorate her $8K affair by avoiding the dreaded “wedding item” markups, instead opting to take everyday items and craft and style them to suit her wedding’s personality.

Emily from Once Wed chose Big Wedding, Small Budget and writes… I was really impressed with the savviness of this lovely bride. Choosing a bridesmaid own as her wedding dress and adding a bit of fabric trim for a little sparkle is brilliant!

Emily also hand-picked Making Things Personal and writes… I’m amazed how a simple and free service like craigslist helped this couple save money and still find great vendors.

Kathryn from Snippet & Ink selected Offbeat Edition and writes … I loved this bride’s tips about haggling and keeping an open mind. A lot of brides think about finding discounts and hitting up sample sales, but I think people forgett hat bargaining with someone can be incredibly effective. As for keeping an open mind, I think brides would be surprised about the deals that are out there when they’re willing to be flexible on the details. Plus, this girl was funny, and though she didn’t write about this explicitly, I think having a good sense of humor is always a plus when planning a wedding.

Kathryn also hand-picked Love to Save … I love that this bride reached out to friends and family for help with things beyond assembling favors and invitations – to have a member of her church make a tiered wedding cake and to have a friend be their photographer. Also, to get the dress of your dreams for $50, that’s pretty impressive right there!

Jen from Green Wedding Shoes hand-picked Laura Sweet’s Story and writes… know what is important on your day and what’s not. Their venue was a local church camp (think outside the box for your venue). Focus on the details that pack the most punch – they skipped favors and had a S-mores station instead! And borrow when possible.

Jen also hearts Stress-Free Savings and writes… A few fun things to note about this wedding: The bride made her own veil, got a great deal on her dress at a sample sale, she used the concept that bright colors have a big impact, used the internet to find free templates to download for wedding decor, and served traditional Filipino food which all saved them lots of money!

Amanda from Ruffled selected 10 Tips to Stay on Budget for its use of DIY projects, exclaiming “Etsy Alchemy is a genius idea for brides planning their weddings!”

Amanda also loved Look to Friends. We love the offbeat and creative ways to save money. Plus, the bride has a very handy list summary at the end, and goes into the perfect amount of detail while retaining a voice and is very fun to read.

Phew! So there you have it.. all ten finalists! Now it’s YOUR turn to choose who wins. Vote for your favorite in the poll below. Voting ends on Saturday July 31st at 11:59pm Pacific time. Remember, first place gets $500, second gets $300, and third place gets $200. Congratulations to all the finalists who made it this far and best of luck!

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  • B Harp

    Awesome ideas, very creative!

  • Kim

    Such great ideas! I love most the idea of getting everyone involved so as to spend more time together while helping out. It just takes a little extra time and creativity to do it on your own just how you like it 🙂

  • Melissa comstock

    Great ideas!

  • Awesome ideas. I like table cloth suggestions. It is great idea. Such ideas definitely save money on a wedding.

  • kathleen scarbrough

    My girl is a very $$ savvy, for sure. She not only gave her bridesmaids their own choice of dresses, but also made the little girl attendants tutus. The wedding party is formal; stil, guys won’t be wearing jackets; but crisp shirts, slacks and ties — another cost save. With three moms (me, step-mom and mother-in-law) involved — well, she let us give some ideas, but Nikki did most of the planning herself. Dream wedding on a lake!

  • Ted

    Nice photo. Perhaps you have a sideline as a wedding planner for the poor and unknown…

    But you are rich with all of the things money can’t buy and they are priceless.

  • Cheryl

    I really hope Emily wins.

  • Shauneen

    Love Laura’s wedding!!! So happy for you!!

  • Kenny Says:

    Nikki is a very smart Bride….

  • Haydee Nauert

    Great ideas.

  • Nikki and Dan are the sweetest, coolest couple around, not to mention they have the most amazing, natural style!! Would LOVE to see them win this!!

  • Tasha


  • I LIKE Emily’s wedding,Very romantic

  • I want Emily, she looks like my older sister. Really cute.

  • Great! It gives me some wonderful ideas and let me realize that making something on one’s own is an enjoyable time. I like Emily’s wedding. The bride made things personal; it is simple and significant to do that.

  • Great idea.

    Similar to the bridesmaids’ dress idea, I wore a prom dress to my own wedding.

  • Karen

    You are brilliant. Love the tips!

  • Brenda M.

    Hil you are a brilliant wedding planner! Such a great article for brides/grooms or wannabe savvy shoppers.

  • Brandy

    That Laura sure had a pretty wedding. Love the wedding pic.

  • amy

    Love Laura’s story!

  • Jeannie

    Laura just stunning. I love the simple and the details.

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  • Lisa Barnhart

    I was so impressed by the creativity how thoughtful Nikki was in her wedding planning. Some brides think it is “her” day – not this bride! She incorporated her guests and wedding party into her planning. She will have the wedding she envisioned and not be in debt! Brides sometimes forget what a wedding is about…it is a celebration of two people and two families coming together! Very impressive and very tastefully done.

  • Melanie

    Staying within your wedding budget is like trying to eat only one Lay’s potato chip – it’s impossible. Looking back at my wedding, I wished I would have had the advice in The “Ten Tips to Stay on Budget” column. Kudos to Hillary for the great ideas!

  • Karen

    I submitted my vote for “Go Handmade for a Classy Look on a Small Budget” but it looks as if my vote went to “Budget Savvy Bride”.

  • Lydia

    Impression website. There are a lot of neat idea’s here.

  • Awesome Idea…

  • Such great ideas..

  • Awesome ideas and also like table cloth suggestions

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  • Maria Granados

    Your dream wedding can come true when your mind and heart are put into it. These are absolutely awesome ideas.

  • Dori

    Nikki—beautiful, fun and creative ideas. Just like you.

  • Diane

    I thought Brittany had nice ideas of keeping things simple and real. She seems like a nice down to earth and VERY smart young woman.

  • All great choices. In the end, I feel like I win–I got to learn about a bunch of new, awesome wedding-related resources!

  • Why cant we see there stories to actually vote its kind of dumb how we cant see there stores they should be linked if you want people to actually vote fair thats if this contest ever was.

  • Brittany

    @Shelby: You actually can view their stories. Above the voting poll they are all listed and the names of the articles are underlined. If you click on one you can read that persons entry. Hope that help.

  • Ken

    Hands down, this is the best choice.

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  • I am AMAZED at the creativity that our Budget Savvy Brides showed this year! There are TONS of creative ways to save money on a wedding, and you proved it! There were over 100 entries this year and each story was so incredibly helpful for any bride to be, and we had the toughest time narrowing it down to the top 10. Good thing we had our friends and wedding experts to help us out and choose the ten finalists.

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