The Cutest Mini Masterpieces
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Allright.. get ready for the cutest escort cards we’ve ever seen.  Our DIY expert, Jordan Ferney, came up with this mini canvas and easel concept and they only run about $3 a piece!    Enjoy the artsy pics below, and head over {here} to see how she did it. 

{See the full project}

Project Styling and Photos by Jordan Ferney


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    Very nice cards, very good slogan ” Do it yourself(DiY). It will look very beautiful where will you put.

  • http://www.posheventplanning.com/ Tim Duncan Events

    THIS idea rocks! I love the ability to mix it up with colors that fit your wedding and keep it super DIY and personal. Great idea!

  • http://www.marksmithphotography.co.uk Mark – Plymouth Wedding Photography

    Wow, I’ve been to a lot of weddings with many different things used for place names but these are the coolest ever. Not sure that 200 guest wedding would be the easiest but for smaller events that rock! I’m going to be pointing a few customers this way, just need them to find a place to buy in the UK.

  • http://www.magdalenaseyes.blogpost.com ana

    this is so cool.

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    I like how not only do they clearly indicate the hierarchy of God’s love, but they force the child to be complicit in assigning that love by circling the right picture that’s excellent indoctrination technique right there. It’s a bonus that they don’t even bother to show the baptized baby, its worth comes from the priest’s hand.Thanks for sharing.

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