DIY Wednesday: Glam Bunting
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By Victoria Hudgins

Bunting is a go-to pretty for DIY wedding décor. Make yours more glam than country by forgoing the triangles and instead layering strips of gorgeous fabric.  It’ll be a celebratory statement piece!

Materials: Strips of fabric, fishing wire, a needle and scissors.

Step One: Cut your fabric into 2 inch wide by 10-12 inch long strips. The best thing about this project is that it doesn’t have to be perfect!

*A note on fabric: For best results, pick out 2-3 really pretty, glitzy or shiny materials. You want them to reflect the light and be light enough to look like they are dancing in the air. You will also need one fabric in a more solid, matte shade to give substance to the piece and to help the other fabrics to shine.
* It looks best to use double-sided fabric or wide ribbon, you DO NOT want one side of the fold to look white or otherwise unmatched.

Step Two:  Once all the fabric is cut, you will need to fold each length into an accordion fold (see photo) back and forth. Once you have a nice fold, cut off any fabric that remains at the end.

Step Three: Begin threading a needle strung with fishing wire through the center of each fold. Switch out the fabrics and thread different combinations along the bunting strip.

Step Four: Make the strips as long or short as you like. We hung a couple of short ones over a sweet table. You could do a HUGE one to back a ceremony or to cover a reception room ceiling. They come together very easily and look pretty dancing in the sun (or disco) light.

* A note on storage. The fishing wire will tangle if left in a bunch. To ensure easy decorating on your wedding day, wrap any extra wire around a cardboard rectangle and tape into place. When you are ready to hang, simply untape and unwind.

Happy Crafting!

Photographs and Project Styling by Victoria Hudgins

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