DIY Wednesday: Fall Wildflower & Herb Bouquet
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By: Chelsea Fuss

Wildflowers aren’t just for spring!  Consider making this gorgeous wildflower and herbal bouquet for your wedding day! Or, bring the photo to your florist for inspiration. This charming bouquet is fragrant, effortless and romantic. Here’s how to get the look. Flower Recipe:

10 stems green mint

10 stems variegated mint

8 stems of queen anne’s lace (you could also use dill)

10 stems of dusty miller

8 stems of scented geranium

8 stems of dark purple scabiosa. Ask for “Black Knight” scabiosa.









1. Remove leaves from the bottom half of the stems.

2. Soak the flowers in water overnight or at least for a few hours before making your bouquet. Cold water works great for herbs and most flowers.

3. Make sure you use clean clippers and buckets.

4. When ready to make your bouquet, take a few stems of mint,  duster miller, and 3 stems of scabiosa. Stagger them in your hand.

5. Add small bunches of herbs at the base of your bouquet, Turn the bouquet after you add each bunch.

6. Add queen anne’s lace and scabiosa, extending taller than the other flowers.

7. Tie up with twine.

8. Make any adjustments and if you need to add anything, just add it and then secure with another piece of twine.

9. Place in a vase and add a ribbon over the twine the morning of the wedding.

Tips: When arranging, make sure all the stems reach the bottom of the bouquet so they’ll be able to drink the water in the vase.

Make bouquets the night before and keep in a fridge away from fruit and food. Spray leaves with water. Keep in a vase until ready to use.

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