Amélie-Themed Party Inspiration
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If you haven’t seen the movie Amélie yet.. well, we highly recommend that you queue up your Netflix account.  It is so utterly sweet, colorfully cinematic, and all-around inspiring.  So inspiring, in fact, that one of our fave bloggers, City of Dionne, designed a girls get together based loosely on the movie!  Perhaps this might make a cute shower, or the décor elements suitable for a travel-themed wedding.  Either way- we had to share it!

The film is about a quirky young French woman who goes about her days doing good for others, while engrossed in a quest to solve a personal mystery.  All of the décor was specific to the movie… Like the gnomes!  (Amélie’s father had a gnome that traveled the world).  The menu was inspired by French cuisine, and the color palette reflected bold hues seen throughout the film.

For escort cards, Dionne used antique keys tied to name tags, and pinned them to a hand-drawn globe that documented the gnome’s travels. Cute, cute, cute!
How creative and beautiful- kale centerpieces!  Below, Dionne curated vintage tins and little childhood trinkets for added cinematic flair.As a child, Amélie liked to play with raspberries on her fingers….  We just love how Dionne picked up on all the sweetest particulars of the story.  Sigh… how fun.  You can see more of her brilliant décor and style ideas here!

Party Venue: Recollection Vintage Rentals


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  • okay seriously how cute is that table setting! Love LOVE everything about it!

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