DIY Wednesday: Colorful Clay Escort Cards
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By: Victoria Hudgins

Escort cards that look like bright spring pendants are perfect for showing everyone from your Aunt Kathy to your college pals, to their seats.

To make the pendants you will need to purchase colored bake clay and string from your local craft store. Step One. kneed the clay for 2 minutes to soften it; then use the palm of your hand to lay it out in a thin, even layer.

Step Two. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape that you’d like to have your seating cards in. I experimented with a couple shapes before deciding on the small circles. They seemed the perfect shape for spring!

Step Three. Use a toothpick to carefully write the table numbers on each circle. Also use it to poke a hole in the top of each circle (be sure this indention goes all the way through).

Step Four. Bake according to the package directions (15 min at 275 degrees) to set the clay into formation.

Step Five. Attach a thin thread and simple name cards to each clay circle. Lay them out on a table or hang for easy reception seating.

Project and Photos by Victoria Hudgins

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