A Romantic Row Boat Engagement by Sequins and Candy Photography
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Andy and Tracey’s sweet row boat engagement session has me pining away for the summertime…

These San Diego-based lovebirds met up with Fawn of Sequins and Candy Photography at the beautiful Lake Hodges on a sunny, spring-ish afternoon.  The couple lives just blocks from the beach, so they wanted to do something a little different than a typical beach engagement session.  And what could be more romantic than hopping into a row boat on a practically deserted lake?!  Tracey describes the session as ‘special and intimate…the way it should be!’

Photos by Sequins and Candy Photography

From the Bride: Andy just loves to tell everyone how I “wanted” him from the very beginning!  I mean who wouldn’t, right?  But that’s not exactly how it happened.  I was living up in Los Angeles, and came down to Encinitas to spend the evening at 3rd corner wine bar for a good friend’s birthday.  There were almost twenty girls there, so when Andy and his best friend Ian came to stop by and say hello, I honestly didn’t notice them.  After indulging in some delicious food and vino, we stopped at a few bars finally settling at the Saloon.  We played some pool, had some drinks, and THAT is where I finally met Andy.  We hung out, exchanged numbers, and the next day I headed back to my life in L.A.  Well, a week and a half or so later it was Cinco de Mayo, and I got a call from none other than Andy Granger.  He was in Hawaii visiting his brother and his brother’s (now) wife, Shannon, who was finishing up medical school.  Andy and I chit-chatted, then he told me that he called me because he had just watched a movie called ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’  on the plane ride over to Hawaii, and it made him wonder if that’s how I felt because he hadn’t called me yet?!?  Okay, now I did like Andy, but it wasn’t like I was waiting by my cell phone hoping to see his name pop up on the screen!  But, I thought it was cute and funny…and agreed to go back down to Encinitas once he got back…which I did.  One weekend turned into every weekend.  We were inseperable from that point on, and the rest is history! 


Friday, December 23rd was a hectic day before the three day holiday weekend.  I called to let Andy know that I was getting off work an hour early.  I still had a couple of gifts to wrap for family, and was so happy to be done with work for the week!  I parked my car, walked up and noticed music playing in the background.  As I turned the corner to walk into our front gate area, I saw red rose petals strewn out that lead me into our yard.  Mia, our puppy, was dressed up in a red Christmas outfit.  Andy had set up a table with picutures, quotes, and votive candles, which were also placed out up on our sun deck as well.  He didn’t come out right at first, which was confusing…I was in shock and I truly wasn’t registering what was happening!  Finally he came out,  in a nice button up shirt looking very handsome.  He had to pry the boxes out of my arms and put them down. He then grabbed my hands,  and lead me onto our lawn where Christmas lights were laid out in the shape of a heart, filled with rose petals.  He got down on one knee and pulled out a white box. I started to cry and blurted out “yes” before he could even say anything..ha!  But he ignored me and started saying beautiful things, and then asked me to marry him!  And I of course, said yes!

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