DIY Wednesday: Votive Cup Mini Cakes!
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By: Victoria Hudgins

Everything this season seems to be getting smaller and I love the idea of serving individual desserts at a reception. How about votive cup mini cakes?! These votive-cup-baked cakes take the term cupcake to a whole new level. They make splendid plate toppers or are cute for a dessert bar display. Interspersing them with actual candlelight votives can be a festive touch. If you’re wanting a unique dessert option, they’re a bit different… more modern and sophisticated, if you will… than the original cupcake!


Step One. Make your favorite cake recipe just as your normally would.

Step Two. Collect small glass votive holders and wash them up.

Step Three. Spray each cup with a cooking spray (or dust with flour) and fill 2/3 of the way full with cake batter.

Step Four. Place 12 cups per baking pan; bake according to the recipe. Be sure to check on the cakes at about half the baking time (it will take a bit less time then a normal cake takes to cook).

Step Five. Let your mini cakes cool fully.  

You can frost your cakes and serve them inside the votive cups, or you can turn them upside down to remove from the glass.  Top your mini cakes with a tiny fork for a dainty treat!

Project Design and Photography by Victoria Hudgins

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