DIY Wednesday: Easy Herbal Centerpieces
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By: Chelsea Fuss

For an earthy, fragrant centerpiece, consider using herbs. It doesn’t take any flower arranging skills, it’s inexpensive and the plants and bouquets can go home with your guests as favors and live beyond the wedding day in their gardens and home-cooked meals! Order herb plants ahead of time from your local nursery and pick up bouquets of fresh herbs from your local grocer, farmer’s market, or florist.

You will need:

Bowls, baskets and vases


extra potting soil

3-5 herb plants (consider, thyme, santolina, mint, or oregano) per table

2 bouquets of herb per table


1. Plant the herbs in baskets, bowls and planters with a little gravel at the bottom.

2. Trim the herb bouquets and place in vases or pots. Tie them with twine, so they can be easily transported.

3. Add wooden trays, table numbers, plant markers or other decor as you wish.

4. Have boxes on hand, for your guests to bring the plants home.

Styling tip: Consider pairing these centerpieces with a linen, cream or white tablecloth, wooden chairs, and wooden utensils for a homey garden wedding.

Photos and Project Styling by Chelsea Fuss


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