DIY Wednesday: Mint Honey Favors
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By: Victoria Hudgins

A little something sweet for your guests, these mint honey favors are a perfect way to say thank you in the warmer spring and summer months. Attach a tag with a few suggestions for use, making the infused drizzle incredibly appealing.

To make the mint infused honey favors…

Step One. Purchase containers. I found my test tubes for $1/pack at Target, they are pretty easy to source online as well.

Step Two. Fill each tube 1/2 way with store bought honey (or locally farmed if you want to go the extra mile).

Step Three. Place two small leaves of mint in the tube, then finish filling with honey.

Step Four. Make the favors at least two weeks ahead of time, so the honey is infused with the herb.

Step Five. The taste of the honey will be tinted with mint! Include a tag with each jar, or a larger note on the table giving guests ideas of what to drizzle their honey favors on. My favorites include, vanilla ice cream, corn bread, tea, lemon cake (it is awesome on this!), and dark chocolate brownies.

Photo and Project Styling by Victoria Hudgins


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