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  • Attaching a photo to your bouquet is a great way to cherish loved ones who have passed!

  • Well, I am not shocked my pessimism is discovered grating, but given that Commentary generously allows free and open discussion, I acquire advantage of it and express myself as honestly as I¡¯m able to. I really hope I do it with respect, and if that does not arrive across, I sincerely apologize. What about the accusation that I am a Democratic troll? We hide powering anonymity heresomething which I did not do several several years in the past when Commentary first ran Contentions. I do not like it, but someone recommended that I do not use my title, so, not surprisingly, you cannot Google me. Enable me just say, in all because of modesty, my bona fides to be a conservative Republican believer and activist will match and exceed most that are on this site. The moment I think one thing warrants some optimism, I will be among the initial to respond, and may be more than happyindeed gleefulto admit how wrong I¡¯ve been. But until finally then, unless I am censored because of the parties in charge, I am going to discuss my mind, pessimistic however it may possibly be.