DIY Wednesday: Fancy Bridal Shoe Clips
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By: Victoria Hudgins

Your bridal shoes will be stylin’ with these easy-to-craft shoe clips. Using ribbons and fashion feathers, they make a fun statement and will fancy up any pair of heels you find to wear. They would also be a great accent for your maids, especially popping out from under short bright summer dresses.

To make the feather bridal clips…

Step One. Cut four lengths of 1/2 in ribbon, each one just a bit smaller then the previous one.

Step Two. Fold the ends of each ribbon into the center and glue in place, using fabric glue.

Step Three. Combine the four ribbons together and stitch in the center to join them.

Step Four. Attach feathers on the top of the ribbon stack with fabric glue. I love the look of two larger feathers and two smaller ones combined.

Step Five. Once everything is dry, use fabric glue to attach a broach clip to the backside of the ribbon stack. Be sure to attach it so that the pin is underneath the top layer and will not pop out once used.

Insert into the back of your shoes for a festive and celebratory look!

Photos and Project Styling by Victoria Hudgins

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