How to Style a Summertime Picnic Table
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By: Chelsea Fuss

Have you ever considered holding your wedding or rehearsal dinner at a local park? It can be charming, pastoral, and really inexpensive (sometimes even free)! You may wonder how to make those rustic, but often problematic picnic tables, wedding-worthy… With the 4th of July right around the corner, we thought we’d offer up some tips for a styling them into something special enough for your wedding!

Tip no. 1. Never underestimate the power of repitition. It can make a rather bland surface come to life and it gives guests somewhere to focus their eyes. Here we’ve repeated pots of seasonal Marguerite Daisies across each table. We’ve also repeated the gingham pattern with the napkins.


Tip no. 2. We found these charming paper napkins in gingham. If you want to dress things up a little more, consider sewing some out of inexpensive gingham cotton.


Tip no. 3. Use seasonal plants and don’t worry about pots. Pots can get pricey, so consider covering plants in fabric or paper. Kraft paper is a classic for picnics.


Tip no. 4. While we kept some things casual, we really wanted this to feel like a wedding, so we used china plates. They are still simple, but dressy enough for a wedding. We used simple clear glasses and real utensils to make it feel like a real table setting, rather than your everyday picnic!

Tip no. 5. Choose interesting bottles for beverages. We made the beverages part of the table setting by using these charming Swedish apple cider bottles. Try ordering in bulk through Amazon for exotic drinks like this! Make sure the label complements or matches your table setting!


Tip no. 6. Consider serving family style or making the food part of the table setting. For appetizers, we were serving bread and cheese, so we set the baguettes right on the table to evoke a French feast sort of feel. You could also set them on parchment paper.


Tip no. 7. Use color!  With all the green in the park, you’ll want your tables to pop! Choose one or two bright colors (no pastels!) and repeat them. Pale colors don’t show up well outside.


Tip no. 8. Keep things simple. The cleaner the lines, the more visually appealing your table will be. Stay away from stacking books and other knick knacks. Keep the table festive and pretty with the essentials.

Happy Summer!

Photos and Styling by Chelsea Fuss

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