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  • Wedding dress plaza says that It’s inevitably the best photo of the wedding: your best man, flower girls, and most ebullient—er, over-served—guests leaping, mouths agape, all googly-eyed, to catch your bouquet. Despite the toss’s weird origin (centuries ago in France and England, brides threw their flowers as decoys for guests to fetch, to avoid being tackled by those trying to tear off a piece of their lucky gowns) and the fact that somewhere down the line, it morphed into a single-lady spectacle, it’s still a classic. But the melee needs modernizing. (Not every woman likes to make a show of her singledom, and who can blame her?) Pitch your bouquet into a crowd of marrieds and singles, young and old, girls and boys, and brace for a scrum. It’s the time of the night when people get a little crazy—but that’s the whole point, right?

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