DIY Wednesday: Candy KinderCones
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By: Chelsea Fuss

This idea comes from the German school tradition of schultuete (meaning “school cones”). Each year on the first day of school, students are given these darling cones filled with candy and other goodies. We thought this would make a charming idea for a wedding, too! You could keep these favors just for kids, filling them with small toys and candy or make them for everyone. Either way, guests are sure to be charmed!

There are a couple of ways to make these. The easiest would be to buy pre-made cones at a craft store and cover them with fabric or light weight paper. It’s cheaper to make your own cones, although a little more time consuming. We’ve included the instructions here, in case that’s the route you’d like to take.

You will need:

poster board

light weight paper

white crepe paper


glue stick



string (or a compass)


nail scissors


angle ruler

bright candy

For the cone, cut a square of poster board at an 80 degree angle, 15″ long. We marked the angle and then made our own compass with a string and pencil. Mark the angle and the length, then cut out the poster board. Wrap it into a cone shape and tape it securely. Repeat this step for the light weight paper, making it a few inches bigger, but at the same angle. Wrap the cone in the paper. Fold the seam and secure with glue.

Cut a square of white crepe paper and glue it inside the cone. Trim as needed. Cut a long strip of the white crepe paper and fold in half. Mark every inch and cut scallops with the nail scissors. Glue to the top of the cone, being careful to just glue the first layer so that the glue won’t show on the outside.

Fill the cones with candy; secure with a ribbon!  Display on place settings or hand out to guests as they arrive.


Photos and Project Styling by Chelsea Fuss

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