DIY Wednesday: Confetti Table Runner
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By: Victoria Hudgins

Finding wedding linens that connect with your style can be a challenge. Custom table runners are a great way to interject wedding style in a way that is cost effective and festive. This DIY confetti runner makes a trendy statement and can be placed on dining tables, a guest card table or a dessert bar!

To make the confetti runner:

Step One. Cut a length of fabric to size. The dimensions should be 1/3 of the width of your table and 1 1/2 times the length, so it hangs pretty.

Step Two. Fold over and sew the sides for a finished look or leave the edges raw for a casual outdoor wedding.

Step Three. Purchase fabric paint and a package of circular sponge painters.

Step Four. Paint on colored ‘confetti’ rounds using different sized sponges.

Step Five. Let dry; iron paint side down for a perfect look.

Adorn with matching décor!

Photos and Project Styling by Victoria Hudgins

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  • Love! You could also achieve this look by sprinkling real confetti between two sheets of waxed paper, and then ironing them. The wax will melt, setting the sheets together and trapping the confetti, but it will be visible through the paper. (Must add, that’s totally not my idea, I probably read it in Martha Stewart).

    Either way, confetti table decorations would look great.

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  • You did a great job. I also agree with my honest answer about the confetti.

  • I like this beautiful bride!

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