DIY Wednesday: Dessert Table Styling
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By: Danyelle Mathews

Are you planning to incorporate a dessert bar into your reception festivities? Consider packaging a few of the sweets in parchment so traveling guests can grab a few on their way out the door. It’s an inexpensive solution that looks pretty too!

Supplies: parchment • paper twine • scissors

Step one • Cut your parchment paper into strips (the size of the strips will depend on the size of the dessert you’ll be wrapping). Wrap up each dessert and secure with a length of twine.

Step two • Find a pretty cake stand to display the individually packaged goodies.

Step three • Place a doily on the stand and stack away!

Styling tip no. 1 • You can arrange the desserts in a pile or line them up in nice rows.

Styling tip no. 2 • Adding a simple paper flag that matches your wedding décor will make the display more festive!


Photos and Project Styling by Danyelle Matthews

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