DIY Wednesday: Rosemary & Floral Bridal Wreath
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Being the Pacific Northwest girl that I am, I swoon over the idea of incorporating fresh herbs and organic elements into a wedding.  Especially rosemary.. mmm, I just love the smell.  Since rosemary is really easy to work with, inexpensive, and holds up well without water, I thought it would make for a gorgeous little hair wreath.  I teamed with up the lovely Ali of Thistledown Photography to prepare this little DIY for you!

Materials: Floral Wire • 3 Bunches of Fresh Rosemary • A Few Sturdy Blooms • Baby’s Breath

Step One •  Make a circular crown out of floral wire.  Try it on your head to ensure that it will sit nicely.

Step Two • Work the rosemary around the wire crown, securing with wire when necessary.  Use the wire sparingly.

Step Three • Arrange three or five blooms in the front of the crown, slightly off center.  Insert the short stems of the blooms into the structure you’ve created, then use wire sparingly to hold in place.

Step Four • Add in small pieces of baby’s breath leading into and exiting from the floral accent, to visually integrate the shape into the rosemary wreath.

Step Five • You can prepare your floral wreath the day before, then store it in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator, away from food.  Spritz the wreath with water to store and keep fresh.

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