DIY Wednesday: Springtime Mini Bouquets
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By Brittni Mehlhoff

Since spring is right around the corner, these colorful mini bouquets are perfect for the upcoming season. They are easy to make and oh-so-charming in size, but the best part is the affordable price tag. $15 worth of flowers is enough to make five miniature arrangements, making the total cost of one bouquet around $3. How does that sound for a beautiful, budget bouquet?  

Supplies: small blooms (including ranunculus, yellow acacia, stock, and spider mums) • scissors • washi tape

Step One. Start with a few short stems of acacia to use as your base (about six or seven inches long). Note: You’ll be holding all the flowers you add to your bouquet in one hand and moving them around with the other.

Step Two. Cut two or three small stems of stock, about seven inches long. Add to the acacia. As you add more stems to your mini bouquet, move your hand further up (closer to the top, where the blooms start) to help keep everything in place. Try not to touch the flowers themselves with your fingers though, as certain delicate blooms are sensitive to the skin’s oils and can turn the petals brown.

Step Three. Next, cut one spider mum, leaving a stem that is about seven inches, and remove any leaves before adding it to your bouquet. Add the spider mum in front of the stock and acacia, placing the spider mum a bit lower than the other flowers in the bouquet.

Step Four. Add the final touch: ranunculus. Cut one blooming stem to seven inches tall and two smaller ones (or buds). Remove leaves and add to the bouquet. The larger bloom will be at the same level as the spider mum, or slightly above, and the smaller buds will be a touch higher, closer to the level of the stock and acacia.

Step Five. Now that your bouquet is finished, secure the placement with washi tape around all the stems, about one inch down. Then, cut stems at the bottom of the bouquet so they are all the same length.

These little darlings would look lovely accompanying a bridesmaid proposal, or perhaps you’ll use them to adorn a dessert or escort card display.  The possibilities are endless!

Photos & Project Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch

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