DIY Wednesday: Springtime Boutonnieres
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By: Brittni Mehlhoff

Make cheerful boutonnieres in a pinch with beautiful, in-season blooms that will add a pleasant pop of color to your groom’s suit. These pretties are perfect for spring.

Supplies:  washi tape • scissors • ranunculus • yellow acacia • variegated kale

Step One • Trim one leaf from a variegated kale stem to use as the base for your boutonniere. Set the kale leaf down on a flat surface and add two sprigs of acacia on top, lining up the bottom of the stems with the kale.

Step Two • Next, trim one stem of budding ranunculus, making sure the stem is no more than four or five inches long. Then, nestle the in-season bloom on top of the acacia and kale.

Step Three • Using your fingers, wrap the kale leaf around the ranunculus so that the flowers look like they are being cradled by the leaf.

Step Four • Wrap decorative washi tape around the stems of the finished boutonniere, starting at the top of the stem base.  Leave one inch of the stems showing at the bottom, uncovered by tape. Add a straight pin. Fill a short glass with a little water to keep the boutonnieres fresh until the wedding (depending on the flowers you use, they should stay fresh this way for up to two days).

Project & Photos by Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch

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