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Dreamy French Fashion Shoot by Shoot in Love
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Happy Friday, Project Wedding readers! Today’s beautiful styled shoot will whisk you away to one of the most romantic places in the world: France. Styled and shot in the country’s beautiful Bordeaux region, this mini bridal fashion shoot pares things down quite simply: one girl, one dress (a gorgeous number from Manon Pascual) , and one bouquet. Paired with long, loose curls, a red lip, and a few subtle accessories, the resulting look is perfectly fit for a boho bride with a little Old World elegance hidden inside her. Enjoy!

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How beautiful is that fountain!? Sigh—if only we could all travel to Europe for our wedding.
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Lindsay + Nick: A Fun NYC Park Wedding by Levi Stolove
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Lindsay and Nick’s early spring nuptials sum up everything we love about the surprises of personalized weddings. At first glance, the pretty pastel ceremony seems to be set in a secluded forest somewhere, but it’s actually in Upper West Side New York City! The duo married amongst family, friends, and tall trees at Fort Tryon Park, then followed up with a lively reception on the outdoor patio at the park’s New Leaf restaurant.  They splurged on excellent photography and their dream venue (smart choices in our book) and kept the rest of the wedding costs at a minimum by enlisting guests to help with everything from the desserts to the reception music. Special thanks to Levi Stolove for sharing these wonderfully airy photos with us!

Lindsay and Nick first bonded over early morning lesson planning at the school where they both worked—he taught math and she taught English. After years of dating, they married in the park right across the street from that school! “The ceremony went by very quickly, but felt sweet and personal,” remembers the bride. “We were lucky that the Linden trees [in the park] bloomed a bit early.”

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DIY Wednesday: Kidney Wire Stone Drop Earrings
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By: Caroline Drake

Jewelry for your wedding party doesn’t have to be expensive when you can try your hand at making some yourself! With this simple DIY, you can create special pieces for you and your bridesmaids to cherish long after the wedding.

Supplies: 2 Brass Headpins (found in the jewelry section of most craft stores) • 2 Brass Kidney Wires (found in the jewelry section of most craft stores) • Stone faceted beads ( under supplies, is a great resource to by small quantities of stone beads) • Jewelry wire cutters • Needle nose jewelry pliers • Round nose jewelry pliers

Step One. Slip the headpin through the drilled hole in the bead.  Position the round nose pliers and clamp down just above the bead.

Step Two. Clamp down on the headpin wire above the bead, and push the headpin wire to a 90 degree angle away from you.

Step Three. Clamp the round nose pliers at the edge of the bent piece and wrap the wire around the needle nose pliers.

Step Four. Push the wire all the way around the end of the needle nose plier to create a circle loop.

Step Five. Use the needle nose pliers to hold onto the loop, and wrap the wire around the piece just above the bead to close the loop.

Step Six. Using the wire cutters, cut the remaining leftover wire as close to the wire wrapped loop as possible.

Step Seven. After you trim the leftover wire, slip in onto the bottom of the kidney wire.

Step Eight. Replace the back piece of the kidney wire, and you are all set with some easy-to-make jewelry for your wedding party!

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Kendall+ Keddy: Great Gatsby Glam Photographed by Caroline + Ben Photography
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Gatsby-hype or not,  Kendall and Keddy’s Austin wedding is an absolute knockout.  The bride’s favorite book is in fact, The Great Gatsby, and her favorite era? All of the art-deco and glamour of the 1920’s.  The Austin celebration was drenched with vintage-inspired details from the time period and the photographs by Caroline +  Ben Photography could not have captured the style, emotion, and opulence more perfectly.

For the ceremony, the couple planned to surprise one another with a scripture reading.  Unbeknownst to either of them, they had selected the exact same one, Ruth 1:16: ‘But Ruth replied: Do not persuade me to leave you or go back and not follow you. For wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you live, I will live; your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.’

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