DIY Wednesday: May Day Seed Bombs
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By: Danyelle Mathews

Happy May Day!  If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box, eco-friendly wedding favor, you’ll be smitten with the idea of seed bombs. Seed bombs are an easy way to grow vegetation without having to till the land.  Bonus: they just so happen to be the perfect size to give to your wedding guests! These little cuties are also very simple to make and would be a great, get-your-hands-dirty project for you and your fiancé to tackle together.

Supplies: compost • water • wildflower seeds (native to your area) • clay (powdered-found at art supply stores) • fabric •  twine •  tag •  scissors • water • bowl or pail

Step One • To make seed bombs, you’ll be combining 1 part seeds, 3 parts compost and 5 parts clay. This step can be messy so you might want to do it outdoors. Begin by mixing the seeds and the compost. Once the seeds and compost are combined, add the clay. Next, slowly add water until the mixture is moist and holds the shape of a ball.

Step Two • Form 1 1/2 inch spheres out of the mixture.

Step Three • Allow the seed bombs to dry in the sun.

Step Four • Once they’re dry, gather fabric, twine, scissors and a tag to package them up.

Step Five • Place a seed bomb in the center of a fabric circle and secure with twine.

Project & Photos by Danyelle Mathews

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