DIY Wednesday: Watercolor Paper Goods
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By: Caroline Drake

Watercolors are such a fun trend right now, and a great way to splash your wedding colors on just about anything! Dessert or food labels can be dressed up easily with just a few strokes of watercolors, and it makes a huge impact on a delicious table spread. Here’s the how-to:

Materials: Watercolor paints in your colors • Paint Brush • Water • Watercolor Paper • Scissors or a decorative paper punch

Step One. Print out, or write the food labels you need onto watercolor paper.

Step Two. Cut the labels out with scissors, or use a die cut or paper punch for a more decorative edge.  When you make your cuts, leave room for the watercolor design.

Step Three. Paint a few lines of watercolors onto the label.  Repeat for all paper goods in the spread.

Step Four. Place the watercolor paper goods on the table to label the goodies for your guests.  Mini easels are also a fun way to display them, and you can find them at most craft stores.

They are a pretty addition to a dessert table and a very easy way to incorporate your color palette!

by Caroline of Armelle Blog

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