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Happy Friday folks! Here at Project Wedding, we’re all about finding new ways to truly personalize a wedding, both on the day of and in the ways it’s remembered after. In that vein, one of our favorite decor items that doubles as a memento is the custom portrait. Done specifically to a couple’s tastes and/or appearance, these posters can be made weeks before a wedding—or ordered weeks after if you prefer to keep your tuxes and dresses a secret. Here’s five artists we think do a particularly good job of pulling them off.

1. Benign Objects

There are ways to portray a couple beyond illustrations of people. We like that designer Rachel Wiles chose to focus on the location of the event in these graphic images, which end up feeling a bit like modern (and highly personalized) travel posters. $50 to $80 unframed at Benign Objects.

2. Henry James Paper Goods 

This Missouri-based artist produces charming graphic illustrations on heavyweight card stock. Bonus points for the hand-holding and leaf trim! $90 at Henry James Paper Goods.

3. Diary Sketches 

These quirky, geometrically-minded illustrations are fun for couples who will always remain kids at heart. Plus, how pretty is that floral frame? $100 at Diary Sketches.

4. The Jolly Edition 

The whimsical sketches of this Baltimore, Maryland-based husband-and-wife team are all sorts of pretty. If you have a very specific idea for a portrait in mind, their completely customizable options might be your best bet (no working from a template necessary). $300, or complimentary when ordered in conjunction with a custom stationery set at The Jolly Edition

5. Ello There 

The best part about this adorable poster idea? It doubles as a guest book! Display along with an ink pad and have guests stamp their thumbs to create the shape of the balloon. $25 to $130 at Ello There.

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