DIY: Wood Plank Table Numbers
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By: Caroline Drake

 Burning a wooden plank with table numbers is the perfect way to to bring natural elements into your wedding reception decor! Here’s the supplies you’ll need: a wood-burning pen tool kit,  tree stump sections (found at Michael’s or craft stores), a pencil, a printed out or drawn template for your numbers, and tracing paper (optional).

Step 1: Tape your template to your wooden slate piece.

Step 2: Take your pencil and trace the number on your template over and over. Push very hard so that it makes an indentation in the wood below. This indentation will serve as your guide when you are using your wood burning tool. If you are doing a very detailed number, you can also use tracing paper.

Step 3: Using the guide of the indentation you make in the wood, lightly trace it with your pencil.

Step 4: Heat up your wood burning pen for at least 5 minutes, and burn the wood along your pencil lines, pushing harder to burn deeper and thicker, and lighter to burn lighter and thinner.

Repeat steps for all the table numbers you need!

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