7 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas
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By: Alexandra Merriman 

Whether you’re on a budget, have a crafty side or just want to bring an extra special personal touch to your big day, the opportunities for do-it-yourself wedding decor are endless. Take a peek at some of our favorite DIY decor ideas below and be sure to check out the links for tons more do-it-yourself wedding inspiration!

Fabric – Create pretty table runners or fabulous bunting out of colorful, patterned fabrics.

Photos (from left): onelove Photography and Meg Perotti

Pom Poms – Instead of flower petals, we love the look of pom poms running down the aisle.

Photos: Jodi Miller

Ribbons – Tie ribbons around onto the backs of chairs, into tree branches, or onto the altar posts for a romantic, whimsical look that’s super simple to achieve.

Photos (from left): EE Photography and Joielala Photographie

Crepe Paper – String colorful tissue tassels, hang fluffy paper poms, or try your hand at and of these crepe paper decor ideas.

Photos (from left): Ruth Eileen and Melanie Duerkopp

Recycled Paper – Attention eco-friendly brides! Have your flower girls toss recycled newspaper petals,  fashion music sheets into pretty garland to string throughout your reception, or use it for any of these great paper decor ideas.

Photos (from left): Aislinn Kate and  Birds of a Feather Events

Paint – Paint the newlyweds’ monogram onto flags for guests to wave as the couple exits the ceremony and enters the reception, or create personalized lawn games.

Photos (from left): Caroline Joy and Katelyn James

Balloons – Decorate with giant, round geronimo balloons with tasseled fringe for a simple way to make a big statement.

Photos (from left): Taylor Lord and Joielala Photographie

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