Editor’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Real Wedding Dresses of 2013, Winter Bouquets, Stud Earrings, Bad Weather Tips, and Brunch Desserts
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It’s that time of week again! Here are some of our editor’s favorite boards and ideas that you may have missed:

Top 10 Real Wedding Dresses of 2013Beautiful as a wedding dress might look coming down the runway, something magical happens when a soon-to-be bride puts “the one” on, like Melanie’s short Kate Spade reception dress — perfect for a City Hall wedding. 

Photo: Abby Jiu 

Winter Bouquets –  Don’t feel confined to pale palettes in your bouquets. Consider jewel tones such as ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues, and golden topazes.

Photo: Jenny Jimenez 

25 Stud Earrings Under $75Chandelier earrings are SO predictable. Mix things up with a pair of studs that cost less than $75!

Photo: C. Wonder 

How To Handle Bad Weather On Your Wedding Day –  You can’t control if it rains, snows, hails, sleets, etc., but you can have a Plan B as long as you follow these helpful tips.

Photo: JaneCane Photography

3 Brunch Wedding DessertsDelicious daytime affairs call for anything but cake! Pancakes, mini cinnamon buns, and doughnuts will do.

Photos (from left to right): Austin Gros 

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