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DIY Wednesday: Floral Napkin Rings / Place Cards
Posted by Sarah Zlotnick. Filed under DIY Wednesday

By: Brittni Mehlhoff

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand—and there’s plenty of ways to incorporate blooms into your decor beyond bouquets and centerpieces. These fresh floral napkin rings will help guests find their seats at your reception by doubling as place cards!

Materials: Steel rings, scissors, floral tape, fresh flowers (we used spray roses, solidago, billy balls, aster, and greenery), string or twine, and craft glue.

Step 1: Prep your flowers by removing any excess leaves from the stem. Cut the stems down to 1 to 2 inches. Gently remove any wilting petals from the spray roses as well.

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DIY: Wood Plank Table Numbers
Posted by Sarah Zlotnick. Filed under DIY Wednesday

By: Caroline Drake

 Burning a wooden plank with table numbers is the perfect way to to bring natural elements into your wedding reception decor! Here’s the supplies you’ll need: a wood-burning pen tool kit,  tree stump sections (found at Michael’s or craft stores), a pencil, a printed out or drawn template for your numbers, and tracing paper (optional).

Step 1: Tape your template to your wooden slate piece.

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DIY: Washi Tape Favor Ties
Posted by Sarah Zlotnick. Filed under DIY Wednesday

Project design by Victoria Hudgins; Photography by Jocelyn Noel

These easy-to-make ties will leave your wedding favors feeling fresh and bright! To make these taped favor ties you will need a bright, bold pattern of washi tape, thin floral wire, and construction paper.


1. For the easiest assembly line production, start by completely covering one side of your construction paper in washi tape. Cut a 1.5″ in diameter hexagon x4 for each wedding favor you plan to have.

2. Cut a 5″ length of thin floral wire. Use glue to attach two of the hexagon endings to each tie with the wire in the middle. (Think of it like making a sandwich—the hexagon pieces are the bread slices, and the glue and the wire goes in between. Make sure you stack the hexagon pieces with the washi side facing out!)

3. Tie around your favor bags for a fun, graphic touch!

Want more great DIY projects? Check out the DIY section of the main Project Wedding site, where you’ll find ideas like fringe piñatas, fondant heart cake toppers, custom moss monograms, and so much more.


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DIY Wednesday: Peony Bouquet
Posted by Kate. Filed under DIY Wednesday, Do It Yourself

By: Janie Medley; Photos by Marvelous Things Photography

We’re such suckers for peonies.. In all of their fluffy fullness, they’re just the perfect spring/summertime wedding flower.  And get this: we made this white peony bridal bouquet for under $20!  Here’s how:

Materials: 5 Stems of Peonies (purchased at Whole Foods, 12.99 per pk) • Dusty Miller (purchased at local garden center) • Floral Tape • Ribbon • 2 Pearl Pins • Scissors

Step One. Crisscross two stems of peonies and add two stems of dusty miller. Give the stems a turn and add two more stems of peonies and dusty miller..give the stems one last turn and add the last peony. Make any adjustments as needed.

Step Two. Hold the bouquet in front of a mirror to see if you are happy with the look and feel of your design.

Step Three. Wrap the stems with floral tape, then trim the bottoms of the stems to the desired length

Step Four. Wrap your choice of ribbon around the stems and secure the ribbon in place with one pearl pin in the back and one in the front of the handle.

There you have it…a pretty white peony bouquet for under $20.00!

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