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Meet Our Beauty Editor!
Posted by Sarah Zlotnick. Filed under Announcements, Beauty

You’ve bought the bouquets, booked the venue, and hired the DJ. Now it’s time turn to turn the focus back on you! After your dress, hair and makeup are the next most important parts of your wedding day look. As you explore the fancy new Project Wedding, be sure to follow our Beauty Editor for inspiration galore. From boards filled with elegant updos to helpful tips on applying false lashes, she’s here to help you look your best on your big day. Read the rest of this entry »


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Stephanie + Johnny: A Classic Red Wedding by Jen & Ashley Photography
Posted by Kate. Filed under Real Weddings

Happy Monday, everyone! We’re starting off the week with a look at a classic crimson wedding between two West Point graduates. Stephanie and Johnny married in Hampton, Virginia on a rainy October day. Red rose floral arrangements and plenty of polished silver gave the day an Old Hollywood vibe, and we love that the bride was brave enough to pair a classic red lip with her fiery hair. Special thanks to Jen and Ashley Photography for sharing the day with us! You can see even more details (including close-ups of the bride’s stunning makeup) in our full gallery.

Stephanie and Johnny met as “plebes” at New York’s West Point Military Academy. Though they each had secret crushes on each other throughout that freshman year, it took living assignments on the same sophomore dorm hall to finally get the pair talking. For their first date, Johnny took Stephanie to a piano concert hosted by the school’s foreign language department. Academy rules prohibit PDA, but Johnny managed to sneak in a kiss at the end of the night.

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Fashion Friday: Runway to Holiday
Posted by Kate. Filed under Beauty

Are you gearing up for a long weekend of holiday festivities?  I’ve got a couple of last minute beauty ideas that translate beautifully from runway to holiday (party, that is).   Check them out, get dressed up and go have a ball!

no. 1 Pearl headband from JP                  no. 2 Low do from Christos                 no. 3  Sideswept curls from BM

no. 4 Red lips from AM                           no. 5 Icy blue eyes from Theia               no. 6 Doe eyes + contours from RK

Big x’s + o’s and sweet holiday wishes!


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DIY Smoky Eye Makeover
Posted by Margaret. Filed under Bridesmaids, Do It Yourself

Smoky eye make up is the perfect way to get your bachelorette party or that night on the town sizzling. We wanted to know how to achieve that smoldering look ourselves, so we enlisted the help of Vivian Tran from All Made Up. The results? See for yourself below!

All photos by Cynthia Gregory.

How to Achieve Smoky Eye Makeup:

1) First, clean face with make-up remover and tone skin. Next, moisturize face with oil control lotion, and let it dry for 1-2 minutes.
2) Prime face with make-up primer base (long lasting makeup and oil control). Dilute cream or liquid foundation with primer to reduce thickness and make coverage last.
3) Apply concealer under the eyes and on uneven skin area. Finish by setting foundation with loose powder (kabuki brush).
4) Fill in eyebrows with eyeshadow and enhance and define brow shape arch and tail with sharp eyebrow pencil. Highlight underneath/above eyebrow with matte cream eyeshadow and prime eyelids with eyeshadow base (cream shimmer).
5) Set eyelids with cream matte shadow. Apply small amount of black eyeshadow along the eyeliner and then gradually move up towards eyelid crease.
6) Slowly blend and increase black eyeshadow intensity at eyeliner and crease area (top and bottom lashes). Use fingers to blend in dark harsh lines along eyelid crease area, use makeup sponge to clean excessive shadow smearing.
7) Use creamy black smooth eyeliner pencil and smudge in with q-tip (top and bottom lashes). Trim full strip eyelashes according to eye size, massage eyelash strip create easy crescent.
8)Curl eyelashes with eyelash curler in three locations (base, middle, and tip for even curved crescent curl)
9) Apply one sweep of black mascara on top of the lash and bottom of real lashes for nice lash shape. Use dark tone color eyelash glue, let dry for 2-3 minutes and wait for tacky consistency before applying on eyeliner
10) Apply full strip eyelashes, right above natural eyelashes, and let dry for 5 minutes. Dab a small amount cream blush at apples of cheeks and blend out with fingers
11) Set blush with blush powder by applying in small circle motions on apples of cheeks.
12) Highlight with face with lighter shade of concealer/foundation on t-zone area, underneath eyes, laugh lines, then blend with fingers). Use powder brush to set highlighted only areas highlight with translucent powder
13) Line lips with neutral color lip liner, then fill in whole lips liner for long lasting color.
14) Apply nude color lip color with lip brush on lips, and then peach lip gloss
15) Make sure eyelashes are fully dry and apply black liquid eyeliner with eyeliner brush over eyelashes to define eyeliner line and cover excessive glue
16) Wait for liner to dry, 1 minute, then apply 1-2 coats of mascara underneath eyelashes and press both natural lash and false eyelashes together for better bonding with fingers and natural look.

Make-up tools and products:
-Make-up Sponge (MAC sponges)
-Q-tips (make-up Q-tips with flat end and pointy tips)
-Eyebrow razor trimmer (disposable brow razor)
-Kabuki powder brush (MAC)
-Blush Brush (MAC)
-Blender brush (MAC)
-Med. crease brush (MAC)
-Sm. highlighter brush (MAC)
-Concealer brush (MAC)
-Foundation brush (MAC)
-Lip brush (MAC)
-Eyeliner brush (MAC)
-Eyelash curler (MAC)

-Oil control moisturizer (t-zones) (MAC)
-Base primer (face/eyes) Sephora Base
-Foundation (cream/liquid) (MAC)
-Cream Concealer (cream/liquid) (MAC)
-Loose Translucent Powder (light and medium) (MAC)
-Brown (medium color) eyeshadow (eyelids/brows) (MAC)
-Cream matte eyeshadow (brow highlighter) (MAC)
-Cream shimmer shadow base (liquid/powder) (MAC)
-Black matte eyeshadow (powder) (MAC)
-Black creamy eyeliner (liquid/pencil) (Twoface)
-Full double layer lashes (full strips) Sephora
-Black mascara (MAC)
-Neutral lip liner (MAC)
-Nude Lip color (MAC)
-Peach lip gloss (MAC)
-Blush (peach cream/powder) (MAC)
-Dark tone eyelash glue (Ardel)

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