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DIY Wednesday: Nature-Inspired Bouquet
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By: Brittni Mehlhoff

Flowers are often an intimidating task for brides to tackle, and bouquets are known as being the trickiest of them all. The good news is, it’s actually more doable than you might guess and you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy blooms to make it look great.  Try this simple technique and you’ll be putting together a beautiful, nature-inspired bouquet in no time.

Materials: bells of ireland • wax flowers • proteas • scissors • ribbon • rubber band or twine

Step One • Start by removing excess leaves from the bottoms of the stems.

Step Two • Next, gather a couple of the larger blooms and criss cross the stems as you hold them in one hand. Then, place the grouping (about 4-6 stems) on a flat surface.

Step Three • Continue adding additional stems on top of what you already have laid out on your flat surface.

Step Four • Once you’ve reached a desired fullness, grab the stems just under the blooms and hold them up. Make adjustments to the flowers to ensure the bouquet is round and full, taller in the center, and shorter around the periphery.

Step Five • Using a rubber band or twine, secure the finished bouquet, and add a decorative ribbon to complete the arrangement.

Photos and Project by Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch

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