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DIY Wednesday: Bulb Favor Boxes
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By: Mary Swenson

Bulbs are the perfect favor for a fall wedding: they just need to be planted sometime around the first frost, and come spring, beautiful flowers will bloom- no green thumb necessary! In no time at all, you can put together a batch of beautifully packaged bulb favors that your guests will enjoy now, and in a few months to come!

Step One. Purchase a variety of bulbs from a garden center, and stock up on lidded kraft boxes and Spanish moss from the craft store.

Step Two. Cover the bottom of the boxes with Spanish moss, and pack the bulbs on top.

Step Three. Cover with a lid, and your bulb boxes are ready for a pretty ribbon (we used velvet ribbon for a fancy touch) and a name tag.

Step Four. Use smaller boxes as guest favors, and fill a larger box as a maid of honor gift.

Photographs and Project Styling by Mary Swenson

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