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DIY Wednesday: Metallic Fringe Dessert Toppers
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By: Victoria Hudgins

Bring a bit of glitz and glam to your wedding day with these metallic fringe toppers. Use them to top cakes, desserts or cupcakes for a dash of metallic flair.

This project was made using metallic streamers which you can find here.

Step One. Cut small slits up the side of the metallic streamers leaving 1 cm at the top of each slit. Work in small sections about 2 inches wide.

Step Two. Line the sections up in a row and cut each successive section about 1/4 inch shorter than the one before it.

Step Three. Place a wooden skewer at the end of the smallest section and begin rolling the streamers around the skewer until it reaches the end. Finish with a small piece of tape.

Enjoy the glitz and glimmer of the metallic toppers.

Project Styling by Victoria Hudgins, Photos by Pictilio

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