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Trendy Pastel and Glitter Bridal Shower by Jillian Lee Photography
Posted by Sarah Zlotnick. Filed under bridal shower

Secretly wishing for an extra-feminine wedding but don’t want to overpower your spouse’s wants and needs? Go all out for your bridal shower instead! We’re majorly inspired by the gathering photographer Jillian Lee threw for a good friend. Filled with confetti, sequins, and plenty of pops of coral, mint, and gold, this celebration is perfect fodder for a design-conscious bride. Enjoy!

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Things We Love: Custom Wedding Portraits
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Happy Friday folks! Here at Project Wedding, we’re all about finding new ways to truly personalize a wedding, both on the day of and in the ways it’s remembered after. In that vein, one of our favorite decor items that doubles as a memento is the custom portrait. Done specifically to a couple’s tastes and/or appearance, these posters can be made weeks before a wedding—or ordered weeks after if you prefer to keep your tuxes and dresses a secret. Here’s five artists we think do a particularly good job of pulling them off.

1. Benign Objects

There are ways to portray a couple beyond illustrations of people. We like that designer Rachel Wiles chose to focus on the location of the event in these graphic images, which end up feeling a bit like modern (and highly personalized) travel posters. $50 to $80 unframed at Benign Objects.

2. Henry James Paper Goods 

This Missouri-based artist produces charming graphic illustrations on heavyweight card stock. Bonus points for the hand-holding and leaf trim! $90 at Henry James Paper Goods.

3. Diary Sketches 

These quirky, geometrically-minded illustrations are fun for couples who will always remain kids at heart. Plus, how pretty is that floral frame? $100 at Diary Sketches.

4. The Jolly Edition 

The whimsical sketches of this Baltimore, Maryland-based husband-and-wife team are all sorts of pretty. If you have a very specific idea for a portrait in mind, their completely customizable options might be your best bet (no working from a template necessary). $300, or complimentary when ordered in conjunction with a custom stationery set at The Jolly EditionRead the rest of this entry »

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BBQ Rehearsal Dinner Inspiration
Posted by Sarah Zlotnick. Filed under Wedding Inspiration

By: Caitlin Zentgraf

Cookouts are the best part of summer, especially on the 4th of July with family and friends. Who doesn’t love hot dogs, hamburgers, and fireworks? Bring that laid-back vibe to your rehearsal dinner. Here’s how to do it.

1. Big-Batch Chilled Beverages

Mix up big batches of flavored water, lemonade, or sweet tea and let guests serve themselves! Use mason jars as glasses for an extra picnic-y feel. Photo by Katelyn James Photography. 

2. Gingham & Sunflower Decor 

Set your wooden banquet tables with checkered linens or napkins and use bright yellow sunflowers in your centerpieces. Here’s our step-by-step guide to styling a summer table. Photos by Chelsea Fuss and Nami Dadlani Photography. 

3. Finger Foods 

Pass around bite-size burgers, BBQ sliders, pigs in a blanket, french fry shooters, and corn on the cob halves as appetizers. Photo by Jose Villa. 

4. Strawberry Shortcake 

We all scream for ice cream! As much as it would cool off guests, it would also quickly melt in the heat. Instead, try a strawberry shortcake. Light and sweet, it will leave guests feeling satisfied but not heavy. Here’s a complete step-by-step recipe for creating the one pictured. Photos by Chelsea Fuss. 

5. Lawn Games

Entertain your guests with lawn games such as cornhole, croquet, hula hoops, bocce ball, and badminton. Photo by Orange in Bloom.  Read the rest of this entry »


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DIY Wednesday: Springtime Mini Bouquets
Posted by Kate. Filed under DIY Wednesday, Do It Yourself

By Brittni Mehlhoff

Since spring is right around the corner, these colorful mini bouquets are perfect for the upcoming season. They are easy to make and oh-so-charming in size, but the best part is the affordable price tag. $15 worth of flowers is enough to make five miniature arrangements, making the total cost of one bouquet around $3. How does that sound for a beautiful, budget bouquet?  

Supplies: small blooms (including ranunculus, yellow acacia, stock, and spider mums) • scissors • washi tape

Step One. Start with a few short stems of acacia to use as your base (about six or seven inches long). Note: You’ll be holding all the flowers you add to your bouquet in one hand and moving them around with the other.

Step Two. Cut two or three small stems of stock, about seven inches long. Add to the acacia. As you add more stems to your mini bouquet, move your hand further up (closer to the top, where the blooms start) to help keep everything in place. Try not to touch the flowers themselves with your fingers though, as certain delicate blooms are sensitive to the skin’s oils and can turn the petals brown.

Step Three. Next, cut one spider mum, leaving a stem that is about seven inches, and remove any leaves before adding it to your bouquet. Add the spider mum in front of the stock and acacia, placing the spider mum a bit lower than the other flowers in the bouquet.

Step Four. Add the final touch: ranunculus. Cut one blooming stem to seven inches tall and two smaller ones (or buds). Remove leaves and add to the bouquet. The larger bloom will be at the same level as the spider mum, or slightly above, and the smaller buds will be a touch higher, closer to the level of the stock and acacia.

Step Five. Now that your bouquet is finished, secure the placement with washi tape around all the stems, about one inch down. Then, cut stems at the bottom of the bouquet so they are all the same length.

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