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DIY Wednesday: Gathered Wildflower Bouquet
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By: Chelsea Fuss

This sweet, organic bouquet is filled with late spring and early summer wildflowers. It would look great with a flowing chiffon dress or a short little number and it’s easy to make yourself.  Total cost was around $50!

Flower recipe:                                                                                        Supplies:

5 stems Alchemilla (also called Lady’s Mantle)                              Clippers

3 stems of Lupine                                                                                  Scissors

2 stems White Allium                                                                            Twine

3 stems of Chervil (you can also use Queen Anne’s Lace)           Bucket with Water

3 stems of blooming White Spirea

2 Ferns

1 stem of Viburnum


Step One. Start by trimming up all your flowers. Remove most of the leaves and extra branches from the stems.

Step Two. Begin your bouquet by starting with 1 Lupine flower and adding the Alchemilla with it.

Step Three. Add the Viburnum to the back of the bouquet to support the arrangement.

Step Four. Try to create a triangular shape bouquet.

Step Five. Add the Chervil or Queen Anne’s Lace last, as they are fragile.

Step Six. Secure with twine.

Step Seven. Check the shape of the bouquet to make sure you like it. If you need to add or move things, do that and then secure again with twine.

Step Eight. Keep in a bucket of water in a cool place until ready for use.

Natural gorgeousness!

Photos and Floral Styling by Chelsea Fuss

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