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Handmade Lighting Round-Up!
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We just love soaking up the creativity from around the web.  Recently, we went on a search for some of the best DIY and handmade lighting ideas around… here are a few true gems to create an ambiance that brides dream about…. Enjoy!

no 1. Woven Orbs by Cottonlight

These mystical orbs sit or hang to enhance the lighting of a room or outdoor space.

no 2. Pearl Strand Chandelier by Design Dazzle

This statement chandelier would bring a fun, whimsical glow to a reception. Get the full DIY at Design Dazzle.

no. 3 Birdcage Light Fixtures; Photography by Stephanie Williams via Ruffled

Antique bird cages add a vintage touch against the night sky.

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DIY Wednesday: Simple Candle Holders
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By: Victoria Hudgins

This project is really very simple…but picture the wood stained to a rich dark color… the nighttime… and the candlelight, and it’s a very inexpensive way to create instant ambiance at your reception! Five or so candles of varying heights will make a romantic centerpiece at a circular table. A huge set would look amazing interspersed with gorgeous flowers centering a long banquet table. They add that perfect natural and organic feel; here’s the simple how-to!

You’ll need 4 x 4 x 8 pieces of wood, purchased at your local hardware store. While you are in the store you can ask them to cut down the pieces (many stores will do it for free). Cut your pieces in varying sizes from 4-7 inches long. You’ll also need a very large drill bit to center out the candles (purchase one for about $10 at the hardware store). As an added bonus, you will get a great bicep workout making these candles!Start by drilling four separate holes next to each other at the center of one end of the wood. Then drill down the middle to center out the wood. You only need to drill about an inch or so into the wood- just enough for the candle to twist in. Make sure all the tapers fit into the holes. If needed, trim the ends in, using a sharp kitchen knife.

The candles should fit snugly and securely into the wood to ensure they stay upright and safe.  At this point you can remove the candles and stain or paint the wood to get the desired coloring.

Tip* If you have any concern that the candles might tip- simply dab a bit of hot glue to the bottoms for added stability, before placing inside the holder.

Light and enjoy!

Photos and Project Styling by Victoria Hudgins

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