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DIY Wednesday: Floral Embellished Sculptures
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By: Victoria Hudgins

Use floral twine and bright spring flowers to make these gorgeously simple, exaggerated heart wreaths for your wedding.  (Of course you can make other shapes too)! The sculptures can be used throughout the space for a creative touch. They would look especially charming hanging from from chairs or in a group as an installation or backdrop.

To make these floral-embellished sculptures:

Step One. Cut a length of floral twine to 24 inches long.

Step Two. Wind the twine around into a heart form. This step does not have to be perfect. Part of the charm in these hearts is their exaggerated, imperfect balance.

Step Three. Snip the ends off of a few bright, spring florals.

Step Four. Using floral wire or thin twine, tie each flower end to the heart wreath. Make a line of 5-7 flower heads for the most substantial form. Snip the extra twine.

Step Five. Use a pretty strand of velvet ribbon, or other embellished finish to hide the thin twine.

DIY Tip* Design the wreath with one bunch of flowers or more and add other details as you’d like. If you hang the sculptures in a group, be sure to vary the size and shape of each one.

Project Design and Photography by Victoria Hudgins

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