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DIY Wednesday: Wedding Day Sewing Kit
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By Danyelle Mathews

We’ve all heard horror stories of wedding day mishaps that could have been avoided with some simple planning. Things like a torn hem and missing buttons are easy fixes if you have the right supplies on hand. By creating an emergency sewing kit you’ll be ready for any wardrobe malfunctions that come your way.

To create a sewing kit you’ll want to gather basic supplies:

safety pins • sewing needles • buttons and thread that match the bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses

Attaching these items to felt pieces will help keep them organized in your kit.

Don’t forget to add

sewing scissors • seam ripper • fray check • a stain wipe or two

Package your kit up in a little wooden box and have it handy on the big day!

Photos and Project by Danyelle Mathews of Dandee Designs

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