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DIY: Washi Tape Favor Ties
Posted by Sarah Zlotnick. Filed under DIY Wednesday

Project design by Victoria Hudgins; Photography by Jocelyn Noel

These easy-to-make ties will leave your wedding favors feeling fresh and bright! To make these taped favor ties you will need a bright, bold pattern of washi tape, thin floral wire, and construction paper.


1. For the easiest assembly line production, start by completely covering one side of your construction paper in washi tape. Cut a 1.5″ in diameter hexagon x4 for each wedding favor you plan to have.

2. Cut a 5″ length of thin floral wire. Use glue to attach two of the hexagon endings to each tie with the wire in the middle. (Think of it like making a sandwich—the hexagon pieces are the bread slices, and the glue and the wire goes in between. Make sure you stack the hexagon pieces with the washi side facing out!)

3. Tie around your favor bags for a fun, graphic touch!

Want more great DIY projects? Check out the DIY section of the main Project Wedding site, where you’ll find ideas like fringe piñatas, fondant heart cake toppers, custom moss monograms, and so much more.


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DIY Wednesday: Kidney Wire Stone Drop Earrings
Posted by Kate. Filed under Bridesmaids, DIY Wednesday, Do It Yourself

By: Caroline Drake

Jewelry for your wedding party doesn’t have to be expensive when you can try your hand at making some yourself! With this simple DIY, you can create special pieces for you and your bridesmaids to cherish long after the wedding.

Supplies: 2 Brass Headpins (found in the jewelry section of most craft stores) • 2 Brass Kidney Wires (found in the jewelry section of most craft stores) • Stone faceted beads ( under supplies, is a great resource to by small quantities of stone beads) • Jewelry wire cutters • Needle nose jewelry pliers • Round nose jewelry pliers

Step One. Slip the headpin through the drilled hole in the bead.  Position the round nose pliers and clamp down just above the bead.

Step Two. Clamp down on the headpin wire above the bead, and push the headpin wire to a 90 degree angle away from you.

Step Three. Clamp the round nose pliers at the edge of the bent piece and wrap the wire around the needle nose pliers.

Step Four. Push the wire all the way around the end of the needle nose plier to create a circle loop.

Step Five. Use the needle nose pliers to hold onto the loop, and wrap the wire around the piece just above the bead to close the loop.

Step Six. Using the wire cutters, cut the remaining leftover wire as close to the wire wrapped loop as possible.

Step Seven. After you trim the leftover wire, slip in onto the bottom of the kidney wire.

Step Eight. Replace the back piece of the kidney wire, and you are all set with some easy-to-make jewelry for your wedding party!

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Tara + Harris: A Crafty Virginia Winery Wedding by Aaron Watson Photography
Posted by Sarah Zlotnick. Filed under Real Weddings

From the Peruvian cookie favors to over 400 yards of ribbon bunting, you will not believe the amount of personal crafting time Tara, Harris, and family put into this cheerful Virginia wedding. The adorable couple (who met at a summertime “nerd school” between their junior and senior years of high school) enlisted nearly everyone they knew in creating the unique details of their special day, and the results are beyond impressive. Special thanks to Aaron Watson for sending these fun images over! We’re delighted to share the story.

The DIYing started with the ceremony. Harris’s father built, stained, and assembled the arch under which they exchanged vows. The moss initials were a surprise gift from the bride’s mother and aunt—the duo assembled them by covering paper maché letters purchased at a local craft store with moss mats. The ceremony fans (which depict the wedding party in cute cartoons) were designed by a family friend, printed at OfficeMax, and also assembled by the bride’s mother and aunt.

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DIY Wednesday: Italian Soda Bar
Posted by Kate. Filed under DIY Wednesday, Do It Yourself

By Caroline Drake

Italian sodas are such a fun interactive addition to any event!  It isn’t hard to put together a nice spread, and it easily becomes the highlight of the party!

You will need a few items to put together your Italian Soda Bar:

Flavored Syrups (It is fun to have several so your guests can make endless combinations) • Sparkling water (Pellegrino) • Whipped Cream Spray  • Maraschino cherries • Striped Straws • Glasses • Ice  • Half and half (optional if you want to add a few tablespoons for the Cremosa version of Italian Sodas)

Step One • Fill a 16 ounce glass with ice.

Step Two • Fill the glass with about 8 ounces of Sparkling Water

Step Three • Add 2-4 tablespoons (about 5-6 pumps) of the flavored syrup.

Step Four • Top with lots of whipped cream!

Step Five • Don’t forget the cherry on top and a fun striped straw

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