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DIY Wednesday: Kindling Cone Favors
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By: Victoria Hudgins

For a thoughtful, cozy little favor, send your guests home with fire kindling cones.  I love them for a fall/winter wedding, and they are so fitting for a lodge setting!   These kindling cones are easy to make and a favor your guests will be able to put to use during the chilly winter months.

Step One. Print out the ‘Kindling for love’ tags and use a two hole punch to cut them out.

Step Two. Gather newspaper to use. I love the idea of using a paper that is somehow meaningful to the couple- maybe it’s the issue that the engagement announcement appeared in or the paper from the bride or groom’s home town. Just be sure to check the stories you include. Don’t use anything too graphic or unhappy for a wedding!

Step Three. Cut each sheet of paper into fourths and pile natural kindling in the center. We used pine needles, pinecones and local flowers.

Step Four. Overlap the sides of the paper and gather at the bottom. Tie off with ribbon and insert a few matches through the tie.

Step Five. Attach the tag.

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