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DIY Wednesday: Fabric Rosette Adornments
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By: Victoria Hudgins

If it’s not in the budget to buy corsages and boutonnieres for all the people you’d like to, here’s one creative way to honor family members and thank the faithful friends who helped make your wedding day come together. Fabric rosettes are affordable and easy to make with a few quick hand stitches; whip them up by the handfuls and easily convert them into adornments for your guests!

Step One. Cut fabric into small, four inch squares.

Step Two. Combine the four corners and join them with a needle and thread.

Step Three. Once the four corners are connected begin hand stitching up through the top of the rosette.

Step Four. Bunch and thread until the flower takes shape. You should only need to thread up about three times to make a simple rosette. Practice to create a shape you like.

Step Five. Thread multiple rosettes on a satin ribbon to make a corsage or thread a straight pin onto the back for a boutonniere.

Project Design by Victoria Hudgins. Photography by Pictilio.

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