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DIY Wednesday: Plaster Mold Escort Cards
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By: Brittni Mehlhoff

Surprise your guests when they pick up their escort cards with plaster table numbers or monogram favors that will direct them to their seats.

Supplies: powder plaster • plastic container for mixing • silicone number or letter mold • patterned paper scraps • scissors • small favor bags • sequin thread • hole punch • metal or wooden spoon

Step One. Scoop powdered plaster into a small container and mix with water according to directions.

Step Two. Stir water and plaster mixture until you achieve desired consistency, which should be similar to pancake batter. Plaster sets very quickly, so you will want to work fast.

Step Three. Pour mixture into the number or letter mold, or gently scoop the mixture in with a spoon. Set aside and allow the plaster to harden for at least one hour (dry time may vary).

Step Four. Carefully remove the plaster numbers from the mold one at a time and let them finish air drying for a full 24 hours.  When the numbers are completely dry, you can begin placing them in small favor bags.

Step Five. Write guests’ names on small, geometric, patterned papers. (Write in a table number too, if you decide to go for monograms).  Punch a hole through the top of each paper and another hole through the top of the favor bags.  String sequins through the scrap paper and the favor bag, fold the top of the favor bag over and tie sequin thread off in a knot.

Photos and Project by Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch

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