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DIY Wednesday: Primrose Plant Centerpieces
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By: Chelsea Fuss

Inspired by European flower markets, we wrapped bright primroses in striped paper and topped them off with a sharp black number to mark the table. Primroses are very inexpensive (available February- March in most Northern climates). Usually retailing for around $1-$2, primroses make happy, colorful centerpieces and look lovely lined up in a row on long tables, or clustered in the center of round tables. You can usually find them at grocery stores and plant nurseries. Materials:

3-5 primrose plants

colorful paper (we found ours at Michael’s Crafts).

waxed twine


number if needed (we found ours at a craft store)



Step One. Cut a small piece of cellophane to line the paper, so it doesn’t get wet from the plant.

Step Two. Cut the corners of the paper.

Step Three. Wrap and tie!

Step Four. Add a number if needed. You can secure with wire.

As the reception draws to a close, send your guests home with the plants as favors!

Photos & Project by Chelsea Fuss

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